April 25, 2017

Spring in Brooklyn

I was already in love with our neighborhood. The brownstones, tree lined streets and walking distance to all of our needs (including a Target.) I really didn't need any more selling that this is my favorite place in the world right now. But then Spring happened.

This weekend, we spent our Sunday outside enjoying the perfect weather. We went to see the Cherry Blossoms at peak bloom in Prospect Park. This has been on my wish list since we moved to the east coast but travels and funky weather has always gotten in the way. I was determined to make it happen this year. I'll just leave a few photos here.

After strolling through the Botanical Garden, we finally made it to the Smorgasburg in Prospect Park. Why did I wait so long to go to this one? The lines were way more manageable and it's closer to my house. I will be spending lots of Sundays here. The park was filled with people.

We tried all new food. Arepas with eggs and veggies, brunch on a stick (quail eggs with pesto, parmesan and cream cheese), ice cream sandwich and Oreo pudding. The brunch on a stick is my new favorite find and there are a million different toppings that you could try something different each time.

The rest of our weekend consisted of some with the Jersey crew, watching hockey and laying low. We celebrated Earth Day by doing some trash clean up on our dog walks. It just blows my mind that people can't just put garbage in the garbage can. There was plenty to clean up. It gave us a good way to reuse some of the takeout bags we have stored under the sink. 

Hope you had a great Spring weekend filled with flowers and sunshine and hockey.


  1. I clean up trash every time I'm on the beach and I literally do not understand what is going on with littering. Like, no.

    That food looks amazing. Seriously. Brunch on a stick.


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