April 3, 2017


April has arrived. There are buds on the trees again and pretty soon, things will be green everywhere. Here's another round of things I'm currently up to.

Enjoying the longer days that come with the changing of the seasons. Also, just being outside and not freezing is a plus.

Deciding which color to paint my nails. Sandal season is just around the corner and I can't wait.

Packing for a work trip and then a bachelorette weekend in North Carolina. I got a new carry on to replace the Target one we've used for years. I'm obsessed with it. If you're in the market, you can use this link to get $20 off a suitcase.

Wearing these pants from Gap - I have them in multiple colors and I love them. Also, Gap was running a 40% off sale and who hates that.

Trying this Brightening mask tonight. It's the only face mask I haven't tried yet, but people are raving about it.

Listening to Pod Save America. I'm a big fan of the Crooked Media podcasts and this is the one that I never miss. There's a new one every Monday & Thursday.

Overwhelmed by the amount of things happening at work right now. It's the busiest I've ever been which is awesome, but also exhausting.

Counting down the days to our Europe adventure. I'm beyond excited. We have to still figure out what to do with the dogs (has anyone used an app to find a dog sitter) and book our hotels, but everything else is taken care of.

Winning my NCAA bracket. Who thought that could happen? I had Gonzaga and UNC in the finals with Carolina winning it all.


  1. My mom is now a dog sitter on Rover! Not that she can babysit your dogs, but it seems like a good service! You guys should check it out!

  2. I recently looked into care.com for a dog sitter. You can try there.

  3. I'm so ready for sandal season. My toes are not though lol ;) I hope things at work can calm down a bit for you... good to be busy, but hard when it gets overwhelming.

  4. I am so ready to paint my toes and wear my sandals!!!! Glad your bracket did well.


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