April 18, 2017

Accidentally Trendy

I am not a trendy person. I never have been. Keeping up with current trends costs a lot of money and creates a lot of waste if you are constantly trying to keep up. I just get lucky sometimes that my comfort overlaps with a current trend. Boom. Lately, I'm on a roll.

Here are some of the trendy things I have locked down:

1.  Eyebrows - Growing up a tomboy, I never really asked or figured out eyebrow grooming. At 31, I've still never touched them. Now bushier eyebrows are back in style. I win.

2.  Top Knots - I'm lazy with my hair and have been throwing it up on the top of my head for a decade.

3.  Binge watching TV - When 90210 was released on DVD, you better believe I put every season on my Christmas list and as they started to show up under tree, I curled up for many weekends in a row watching every episode of the show. Now Netflix allows me to do that without having to purchase anything.

4. "Athleisure" - You know, the trend of wearing sweatpants all over the place. I'm in. I mean, I've been unashamed for my whole life to wear my loungewear all day, every day. That said, I'm not sure I have the right sweatpants, but who is counting. If you need proof, GiGi is all about this trend - she just has way more money.

5. Hygge - This whole concept took off big this year and I was seeing it everywhere. Thanks to Minnesota's Scandinavian heritage - it's a concept that was talked about for a while in my home state. I wrote about it originally a few years ago because I just love the concept - especially in the winter months.

6. Statement Making T-Shirts - I love a good t-shirt. Always have, always will. Especially with the most recent election, I feel like there are some of the greatest statement shirts out there now.

See you on the runway next fashion week in the fall. In the meantime, I'll be working on making bedhead and dog hair a thing.


  1. Eyebrows and topknots have really benefited me too lol :) could you work on making less makeup and weekday brunch a thing too?

  2. when i was younger, i would look at those girls with thinner brows with envy because mine are thick AF and i could never tweeze them unless i wanted to spend 5 hours tweezing my thick-ass brows...now i'm so glad i didn't because natural, thick brows are "in"!

  3. I am also not trendy and never have been, but athleisure is my jam and my eyebrows have been the same since birth. They go in and out of style. LOL

  4. my eyebrows will never be trendy. but my top knot is always there haha so i'm glad that's acceptable. i wish baggy sweatpants would come in style as that's all i wear haha.

  5. This made me laugh haha! Also where are we at with the whole dog hair trend??

  6. These are SO funny! You must be so trendy!! ;) Happy day!


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