April 14, 2017

5 Random Thoughts for Friday

Happy Friday to all. Unless you have today off and then I'm just jealous. Since I'm on a roll with my blog this week, I figured I would finish the week off strong with five random thoughts.

1. I was super mad at Delta last week. They are my airline of choice, but last week, I was delayed and cancelled and was mad that no one ever at any point apologized. Last night, I got an email that they were giving me bonus miles and were extremely sorry and all was forgotten. As long as you apologize for crap that happens, let me wear leggings and don't bust my face on an arm rest while assaulting me - I'm happy. That's low maintenance.

2. I have this strange item in my Amazon cart. Do I buy it? It's 75% off the normal price and I feel like it would be a handy thing to have for the park or camping or our living room when we have movie marathons. Help me.

3. Jimmy Fallon is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. I have taken a break from him because his show has felt a little too safe and that's boring. I've been watching Trevor Noah and John Oliver instead - plus clips of all the late night shows on YouTube. I feel like this SNL episode is his chance to make me fall in love again. Plus, he always does a musical number and those are my favorite.

4. The March for Science and the Climate March are both coming up this month. We just sent these awesome shirts to our nieces who are participating in their first march next weekend and I love them. There are so many awesome shirts, but these were my favorite. Plus, I'm just the proudest aunt in the world.

5. SPRING HAS ARRIVED. The trees are blooming, the mornings are magical to be outside, my winter jacket is put away and I'm a happy camper. I was starting to really hate the cold and I'm usually a big fan of winter.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great shirts for your nieces! What signs are they making? I am quite obviously not a scientist so I'm going with my climate change messages.

    You guys totally need that inflatable.

  2. I am thrilled that spring is finally here! I was beginning to think it might never arrive! Totally buy that sleeping bag!

  3. For $25 I definitely say grab that inflatable sleeping bag haha- so weird but cool! :) And now I seriously want to get that science shirt for my niece too, super cute!

  4. i'm glad delta sorted you out in the end. they are my airline of choice with international flights, and if southwest doesn't fly there domestic-wise, i go delta. that inflatable thing is super interesting and should definitely be purchased because why not!


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