March 13, 2017

Weekend of Awesome

This weekend was cold, shorter than all others in the year (thanks to daylight savings time) and flew by, BUT it was also awesome. Here were the five things that made my heart so happy:

Friday after work, we headed into Manhattan to meet some special out of town guests. Justin's aunt, uncle and cousin were in town and we got to hang out with them for a few hours in the cold. We had some good Mexican food and lots of laughs. After dinner, we headed to Do to wait in line in the freezing cold to get our hands on the cookie dough that is made to eat raw and not harm you.

Having some family time in our city even for just a few hours refills the heart. It's nice to be able to catch up. Plus, we would not have waited in line for cookie dough on our own, but the experience was so fun and worth the cold.

Later Friday night, we saw Dawes for the fourth time. They played at the Beacon Theater on the Upper West Side. They didn't have an opening act. They started right at 8:05 - amazing. They played for three hours (with just a 15 minute break.) There were songs from each album and it was all amazing. They had a simple stage set up and just played good music. I usually say it's a good concert if there were songs that I was indifferent about before the show, but loved after seeing it live. Judging off that alone, it was an amazing show.

Saturday morning involved productivity. We started our spring cleaning, even though the wind outside was horribly cold. The dogs got groomed and the balcony furniture was assembled. After getting all that done, we headed to NJ to visit our friends and their adorable little baby girl. We had homemade pizza, wine and a little spiked ice cream for dessert. It's nice to just have a couple of hours to sit around and catch up.

Sunday AM, we forced ourselves to leave the apartment and get some fresh air. We met friends for brunch in Tribeca. We ended up meeting outside of Edwards and even though we had no plans on where to meet, I'm so happy we ended up choosing this restaurant. I was finally able to find a bloody mary that I'm excited about and really good food. We made some plans for a bachelor/bachelorette party since our friends are getting married in less than 2 months.

We finished off our Sunday enjoying our clean apartment, clean dogs and binge watching Shameless on Netflix. I got the meal planning for the week done, all of our grocery shopping done on Amazon, ordered some new clothes from Gap with taking advantage of the 40% discounts, confirmed my dentist appointment and scheduled our laundry pick up for the week. That's all adulting, right?

So, now we are all prepped for this blizzard that's supposed to slam into NYC tomorrow. What was the most awesome thing you did this weekend?


  1. we're also bracing for that storm! keep warm and safe!!

  2. Ugh, it's snowing here in Chicago today and I am not thrilled about it! Hope the blizzard isn't too bad!

  3. You guys packed it in!

    I just got some cookie dough that won't kill you from Target.

  4. I hope one day we get to eat mexican food together again! :) You adulted the heck out of Sunday- nice work! Stay warm :)


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