February 28, 2017

What's on my List?

I saw this link up last month and loved it. I added a few things to my "list" after reading through the different posts. It reminds me of the podcast I Feel Better where 4 internet friends discuss pop culture and their recommendations. I don't always love their recommendations, but I like to listen to the main pop culture topic if it's a book or a movie that I'm interested in.

So, here are things I've tried lately that I would recommend (these are affiliate links):

I found these boots that are short and comfortable and work well with skinny jeans. I feel like there's a weird point between winter boots and Toms. I wanted something that was shorter and flat to wear for work or casual strolling. I'm a big fan of these. I wore them 3 long days on my work trip and they were perfect for me. Plus, they are on sale.

Cauliflower in everything. Who knew? We've been using it to make veggie burgers, a filler in tacos and next up I'm going to roast it with coconut oil and cinnamon. Who am I becoming?

We ordered oil diffuser that is almost 30% off. I had purchased essential oils and then just stared at them because I didn't understand. This beautiful little piece sits in the corner of our bedroom and fits in with our normal decor and makes the whole room smell amazing.

I just ordered this trilogy and I'm SO EXCITED. They said that anyone that is getting into activism should check this out. It's John Lewis' story in a graphic novel format. I don't usually check these out, but lately I've been trying to just soak in as much information as I can from people who have been brave and done amazing things. Let me know if you've heard anything about this yet.

My new favorite Instagram account is this one:

A post shared by Boop My Nose ™ (@boopmynose) on

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Last, but not least, today is the last day that you can get in on this deal from Beautycounter. They have some exciting things coming out in March too, but this is an amazing deal. If you don't know anything about the company, you can get the full story here.

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Also, I am putting together a monthly email to keep people updated on any specials with Beautycounter and offer some promo codes and giveaways. If you are interested in getting fun mail from me and possibly getting some free stuff, sign up here. I'll be sending out info on some brand new stuff in the next week.



  1. aww I think I'm going to have to follow that IG dog account! BOOP!

  2. Such a good roundup! I love when you find shoes that are comfortable and can go with a lot. I really want to read March, and have heard a lot of good things about the Kindred graphic novel too.

  3. Thanks for joining in! I've heard really good things about John Lewis' books but normally I haven't had the best luck getting into graphic novels... granted, The Walking Dead is definitely different. Also, how cool is that neon sign? Going to check out your blogger list now - I'm always trying to find new people to follow online.

  4. I put the March trilogy on my wishlist. I am not big into graphic novels but I could probably make an exception.

    Did I tell you I am walking the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend?

  5. that sign is amazing! I saw the John Lewis novels at the bookstore recently and was pretty intrigued but I didn't pick them up. now i need to go back and get them. thanks for the recommendation and joining the linkup!

  6. OMG that insta is too cute! And the graphic novel sounds cool- I haven't tried GN yet but there have been several in the past few months that might make me try them.

  7. I looooove cauliflower! We use it as often as we can. I like to chop it up and add it into all of our salads too so it have some more crunch to it :) Also, boopmynose might be the cutest thing ever, omg!!

  8. Oh my goodness. I opened that ig and my cheeks started hurting because I was smiling so wide.
    That John Lewis trilogy seems fascinating.


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