February 9, 2017

#trendingontwitter: Bathrobes, Fake News & Niko

When I started doing these posts, it wasn't always easy to find trending topics that I had an interest in or opinion on. This week, there was no shortage. I also want to remind you that I am a liberal and I'm pretty open about it, but I appreciate different points of view and enjoy having discussions about this stuff. These are just my initial reactions to these topics.

#spiceronSNL - OK, who watched? Melissa McCarthy totally outshines Alec Baldwin this week by playing Sean Spicer. I laughed so hard.

#BowlingGreenMassacre - As in the event that Kellyanne Conway made up. How is this real life?

Speaking of "real life" - if you aren't following this twitter account yet, you should. Each day, the writer recaps what Hillary would be doing if she was President and the errands that Bill runs are the greatest.

#ladygaga - I thought she was amazing as the Super Bowl half time show. Jumping off the roof was cool and the drones were even cooler. I know that the jump wasn't live, but they made it look awesome on TV so who cares. Also, a big giant EFF YOU to all those internet trolls who made comments about her "tummy" - I hate people sometimes. I thought she was perfect.

#FakeNews - Everything is fake news now. If anybody doesn't like me, it's fake. Doesn't that seem like the best kind of reporting? Ha.

#holdthefloor - If you've never watched CSPAN2, you are missing out. Don't worry, you don't need cable, you just go to their website. Anyways, this week was busy in the senate and the dems were holding the floor. They fought hard against the cabinet nominations on the table this week. I think it's so good to watch the people you voted for and then communicate with them. They represent you.

#NoOnDeVos - While the work done by the Senates dems didn't keep Betsy DeVos out of the cabinet, it was interesting to hear people talking about how much they've been hearing from their constituents. They all referenced the amounts of letters, emails and phone calls (and in person conversations) that they were receiving. Two Republicans senators voted against DeVos as well because they had heard so much feedback. Keep talking to your politicians. It's important. Also, I struggled with the fact that no one I saw anywhere said anything about her being qualified???

#bathrobegate - This might not actually be a hashtag I saw this week, but this story was eye roll inducing for me. The NY Times published this article and DJT was mad about the bathrobe comment.  Who cares about the bathrobe?

I could list out at least 25 more political hashtags, because there was no shortage of crazy happening - Nordstroms, LetLizSpeak, Sessions, Easy D, President Bannon, haters. Instead, I will end with something stupid:

#winterstormniko - I'm writing this Wednesday night and it is currently 50 degrees and clear, but according to the emergency warnings I've been seeing all day, we will be getting an epic winter storm in the early morning hours. I stocked up on snacks, so don't worry about me. Plus, this means that our skiing adventure on Saturday will be even more awesome.


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  1. Twitter has been absolutely on fire. I am trolling through #ShePersisted right now. That has lit a fire under my ass.

    LOLz forever at bathrobegate.

  2. Melissa McCarthy nailed it -- I couldn't stop laughing!! And thanks for mentioning that Twitter account -- I immediately started following! Too funny!

  3. I love how many people reached out to their senators and have been vocal and engaged. I don't necessarily LOVE why we've had to be more vocal than ever before, and that not everyone seems to be hearing their constituents, but nevertheless. Small wins where we can find them these days, right?

    The Bowling Green thing is just.... I just have no reaction other than head-shaking. And Gaga at the Super Bowl? Something fierce!

  4. The stomach thing on Gaga was ellll ohhh freaking elll. She looked amazing and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

    I have watched the MM SNL skit about 500 times now. I can't get enough.

  5. People talking about her stomach...WHY ARE PEOPLE THE WORST?! And Melissa KILLED that role.


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