February 27, 2017

Sugar Detox: I Survived

If you missed part one, you can read it here. I have made it to the end of the eight weeks. I ate a donut this weekend. It was my first of the entire year. I never thought I would make it.

Here are my thoughts about this eight week detox:

It worked for me.

How do I know? Well, I've lost 12 pounds and inches around my waist. I would call that pretty successful.

Anytime I'm not supposed to have something to eat, I want to eat it more. I had my first donut today and it actually wasn't everything I wanted. The sugar was almost too much. Dessert used to be something that I could indulge in all day, every day. I think we will be on more of a weekly schedule now.

I've figured out new ways to drink my coffee without so much sugar in my creamer. I've continued to eat all the vegetables and actually love it. I ate lots of eggs and cheese and no fruit - except for the couple blueberries I snuck on a work trip and a smoothie I had while recovering from my tooth problems. English muffins have zero sugar (at least our brand) and we ate them often.

I have more energy, I have lost the stubborn fat around the midsection (well, some of it at least) and I'm pretty proud that we made it.

I already covered the things we didn't love in my last post. I wish that this book we followed along with would not have used so many sugar substitutes in recipes. We skipped most of the recipes in the book because of this. Also, I was reminded again how hard it is to eat healthy while traveling for work. Even getting salads is hard because if it isn't homemade, the dressing has so much sugar in it.

Our plan going forward is to follow the 10% rule. If we do indulge in a dessert, we will cool it on the sugar the rest of the day. It's mostly about being aware of the amount of sugar we are eating and keeping it under control.

I survived. I'm healthier. It's not for everyone, but I'm super happy we did it and I learned a ton.

Have you ever tried anything like this?


  1. Great job sticking to it for the full 8 weeks! I'm sure it feels great to see results and feel better in general. I'm not a fan of sugar substitutes either, so that's always disappointing when "sugar-free" things are actually full of other stuff.

  2. YES!!!! i love that you did this and saw amazing results. isn't it so eye-opening to see first hand just how bad sugar is? i cut that crap out of my life for years and when i had my first taste of coke again after 5 years, it was so awful i took one sip, chased it with water and dumped the rest. i have no idea how i drank that for years before. ew.

  3. This is awesome! SO impressive and motivating. I have a serious sugar problem that I know needs addressed.

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