February 7, 2017

Practice Self Love

Treat Yourself

This is the month of love. I don't really spend too much energy on Valentine's Day, but I love love. This year, I'm trying to focus a little more on self love. I've learned that I can't really be a wonderful person to others if I'm horrible to myself. There is so much craziness happening in the world and it's really easy to get sucked into a pretty nasty place, so I'm focusing on some happy little things for myself this month:

Taking more baths and doing more face masks. I might even paint my nails once this month.

Reading more books. I have a ridiculous amount of books from the library right now and it makes me so happy.

Do yoga. 

Drink good wine. The one pictured above is called Summer in a Bottle and it isn't too easy to find, but I'm on a mission this month to track it down.

Eat fancy cheese whenever I want. Since we've been on a sugar cleanse, cheese has been the best dessert.

Speaking of sugar, I'm going to treat myself to a box of sugarfina at the end of Feb when the cleanse is up and I'm not going to feel guilty about treating myself to it.

Light candles. This is really nothing new, but I might treat myself to a new candle that isn't from Bath & Body Works. I like to take out the spring scents in February. This one looks perfect.

Perfect coffee at home. We have this little espresso maker that I LOVE and a milk frother/steamer. We use them every weekend, but I want to experiment a little more.

Write. On and off the computer. I love making lists so these books are perfect and they are pretty.

Get outside on the nice days and take longer walks. We have two ski weekends planned in the next month which also makes my heart so happy.


I wanted to share a little of this self love with all of you too! I'm going to host a little bloggers social via Facebook the week of Valentine's Day to share some information about Beautycounter. Anyone that signs up will get a few things in the mail to sample and try out. Plus, I will be doing a drawing for any attendees for some free product. 

Feel free to look through the products here and comment below or email me at steph@insertclassyhere.com if you want to be part of this and have a chance to win some free Beautycounter stuff. 

What do you do to practice self love? 


  1. Do you use any of the Beauty Counter sunscreen products?

  2. Great ideas! My self-love comes in the form of two hour naps my toddler takes ... that's my time to write, blog and just relax! I love reading a good book when I can too!

  3. Preach girl, self-love is something everybody needs to practice more often. I would love to go back to NYC one of these days!!!

  4. YES! Love it! My favorites are also eating fancy cheese and writing

  5. Self love is so important!! We often forget to do it at times though. A good glass of wine and some cheese sound perfect! I love taking bubble baths and wearing face masks. Yoga is so relaxing!

  6. i JUST found out about this brand! I have a small sample of the shampoo in citrus and it smells amazing!

  7. I keep meaning to try yoga because it's SO good for you, but I keep talking myself out of it. My flexibility is just terrible so I feel like I'd be embarrassed to go to a class or something.

  8. Self-love is so critical. I love hot bubble baths and a good stretch!


Thanks for reading my ramblings. It makes my heart happy.