February 10, 2017

Insert Hygge Here

If you've been on Pinterest or Instagram this year, you've probably seen the word Hygge. Maybe you've even read this blog for two years and you remember the original post I did on this magical concept. Maybe you're wondering what in the hell I'm talking about.

Hygge is a Danish word that doesn't really have a translation. That makes it a little more magical for me. It's a feeling, an atmosphere, an environment. In my opinion, it's everything that winter should be, but it's not just a cold weather thing.

What you see on the Letterboard there is the definition I like the best. It pulls together phrases from a few different people. Imagine your happiest Saturday and Sunday mornings. If you're like me, they involve books, dogs, comfy pajamas, long walks, brunch/coffee with people I love and not much "screen time." It's about slowing down and taking it all in - the little things and the big things, the people that make you happy, the moments you love.

Sometimes pictures capture these moments better than trying to describe them in words. I'm sharing ten different words that follow the Little Book of Hygge's Manifesto so you get another description of this magical concept.

Truce - No drama, just happy memories - kind of like spending a weekend morning celebrating the Lunar New Year with confetti everywhere and a whole bunch of strangers dancing and smiling.

Pleasure - All of the wonderful things in small portions so you can really enjoy them. These were chocolate chip cookies made with cake batter that we enjoyed right before Christmas. Being on this sugar detox, I feel like I can smell them in this picture.

Presence - Be here right now. I remember the big blizzard we had last year, we just sat in our pajamas and drank coffee and watched the snowfall. No TV, no phones (other than to snap a photo) and the feeling that we lived in a snow globe.

Shelter - Having your comfort zone and your little family close by. There is nothing better than having both dogs laying with me while I read in the early mornings.

Gratitude - The simple moments where you notice the wonderful in very smallest things and really take time to appreciate it. Like the way that snow sits on the green needles of a tree. I love when there is fresh snow.

Harmony - Those moments were no one is racing to be the best, they are just working together and enjoying each other. This snowman was made by a couple of kids in our old neighborhood and they spent hours getting it built just right. It was impressive.

Comfort - Surround yourself with things that make you comfortable. For me, it's good blankets, sweatpants, twinkle lights, candles and books. Clearly, I'm on a deadline with these books because I went a little crazy at the library.

Equality - More "we" and less "me" - however you accomplish this feeling, it's important. We spend a lot more time in crowds like this one, but it's a powerful feeling because you are reminded that it's so much bigger than just you. It's humbling and empowering all at the same time. I'm so proud to be part of this "we."

Atmosphere - Almost anything you read about Hygge, you will find references to fireplaces and candles. We aren't lucky enough to have a fireplace (#lifegoals), but we enjoy them anytime we can. I always seek out fireplaces when looking for a place to stay for ski trips or weekends out of the city. We have tons of smaller lights in our living area so that when we have a scrabble night, we don't need to have the overhead lights on. It just feels cozy.

Togetherness - Building memories and relationships is easy to do when you are focused on others and harmony and living in the moment. One of the best nights we had last year was the night this picture was taken. We found a fun rooftop spot that had outdoor spaces and one was a tent with a canoe inside with big fluffy blankets. We drank wine and all four of us shoved into the canoe and just enjoyed the fact that we were there - on a boat, on a rooftop, in the middle of Manhattan in December.

One of the things we've been working on lately is spending less time on our phones and in front of screens, but I don't mind taking a quick picture if the timing is right. And you know what they say, a picture is worth one billion words.

So, with that said, I have a challenge for all of you and there's a prize involved. Any time you share a picture on Instagram that feels cozy, happy, magical - use the hashtag #inserthyggehere so that I can enjoy it with you. I'm going to share a few of my favorites on the blog and at the end of this winter season, I'll choose my favorite Hygge pictures and I'll be giving away the book I talked about earlier in this post and donating to a cause of the winner's choice.

You can see what's been added to the hashtag already to get some inspiration by clicking here and follow me on Instagram if you don't already. I can't wait to see your photos. We are heading north this weekend to FINALLY ski and I'm already looking forward to hot drinks next to the fireplace. Cheers to the weekend!


  1. i had no idea about hygge but that's basically my life mantra/motto - no negativity and only things that make you feel calm, serene and happy.

  2. Yessss, you were my first touch with the concept of hygge, something I think I have been unintentionally trying to do for years. I will try to remember to use your hashtag!!!

  3. I love this!!!! I just saw their special on it on Vice News last night, and was like, this is how to live!! I lived in Denmark for a few years when I was younger, and people there just genuinely seemed so much happier. We, too, are trying to be less connected and are just trying to enjoy the moment!

  4. yes i do remember now your post was the first time i heard of hygge, and i love all your explanations. this is definitely something i try and aim for, just didn't know it had a word till recently. i will use your hashtag if i post anything on instagram! well, not anything, but you know. haha.

  5. You were so ahead of the game with this movement when you mentioned it the first time! I keep saying I'm going to read more about it, but haven't made the time yet, but I've seen it pop up so many places recently!


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