January 12, 2017

#trendingontwitter: a Princess, a Polar Bear and a President

Alright friends, I'm back with another round up of things trending on Twitter in the recent days. I like to keep track of some of the trends I see and then share my two cents. It's like current events in elementary school with a little more sarcasm. With the upcoming presidential transition, there has been quite a bit of noise in the Twitland about politics so that kind of steals the show today. Feel free to jump in and share your thoughts on these.

#CarrieForever - Christmas break was filled with sad stories in the news about some celebrities that we grew up with. Carrie Fisher was the saddest for me. She is witty, smart and amazingly talented. She is one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars movies. We went to see Rogue One a few days after Christmas and if you haven't seen it, be prepared to shed a few tears. She will be missed.

#MerylStreep - This woman used her acceptance speech for a lifetime achievement award to remind everyone what is about to happen in this country. I thought it was a great speech. Being a celebrity, you really can never win. If you don't speak up, then people accuse you of wasting your platform and if you do speak up, then people point out that you are rich and you don't understand the perspective of most people. I think she's a total bad ass.

#ThingsTrumpThinksAreOverrated - So this hashtag includes some humor, but most of it is terrifying and realistic.

#rkelly - I just can't even believe that this was a real life news story, but it would be kind of funny if R. Kelly is the performer at Trump's Inauguration. The whole golden showers stuff is just too much for me.

#farewellObama - Did you watch the speech? He never disappoints for me. Plus, his acknowledgement of his brother, Joe Biden, made me cry almost as much as his thank you to Michelle and his daughters. I'm confident that the Obamas will remain active in our country - even if not in office ever again.

#arctic - This was trending yesterday during the Rex Tillerson show on CSPAN. It's no secret that I enjoy a little CSPAN every once in a while, but between the press conference and a busy work day, I wasn't able to tune in to any of the coverage yesterday. That said, I will be watching for any climate change discussion because apparently, people don't seem to think it matters in the present day and that's horrifying to me. You can get a little more on Tillerson and environmental policy here. How can you not love a Polar Bear?

#TrumpPressConference - You know the big news conference yesterday where Trump stacked 200 manila folders on a table and talked about emoluments. He also yelled at CNN and called them fake news and didn't really give answers to the questions. Then, he spent at least 3 minutes telling us how much talent will be at his inauguration (see R. Kelly above.)

Finally, in case you haven't already seen it, Seth Meyers was trending on Twitter yesterday thanks to his interview with Miss Kellyanne Conway. I thought it went great, but I'm interested to hear your thoughts on how he did.

So that wraps up my thoughts on the current trending hashtags. Hope you are staying sane and clear in the craziness that is the news this week.


  1. I've followed your blog for a while, but never commented, but I love these posts of yours!! They're my favorite!! I thought Seth did great with her -- I have no idea how these people stay so calm interviewing people like her, though!

  2. Seth did much, much better than I did.

    I'm calling every Senator around today about Rex Tillerson. No No No NO NO

  3. SOBBED at him talking about Biden. I just love them.


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