January 26, 2017

Need a distraction?

This post has absolutely nothing political in it. I like to keep a running list in a draft of things that I find interesting or funny. Some of these have been stored in my drafts for months. I could use a distraction today, so I figured I might not be alone.

Who needs a house with this much space? 74,000 square foot main house. What?

I love Instagram - it's my favorite form of social media. This story about an anonymous account really made me feel good about the next generation. Read it here.

Speaking of Instagram, I read this wonderful post from Wit&Delight on the reactions we get from scrolling through the app. I'm guilty of eye rolling at other people's pictures sometimes. I like Kate's voice and I appreciate the reminder, plus she's back to writing a lot more so I've been clicking on her feed a lot more lately.

Staying on the social media topic, this blogger poked every single one of her 615 friends on Facebook. Read her discovery here. I kind of love this idea.

Married too young? I could totally relate to this article.

Because sometimes you just need to smile, Dad's Daycare Wardrobe Fail

Could you stand wearing the same outfit 31 days in a row? This woman did and I think I would have similar thoughts.

I'm a huge fan of Epic Rap Battles of History on YouTube and then I found this... It's fantastic.

Hope your Thursday is filled with happy distractions, lots of coffee and maybe a little twitter break.


  1. I just laughed so much reading that article on poking people on Facebook! Thanks for sharing-- definitely a great distraction for the morning!

  2. That Princess rap battle was AMAZING! Thanks for this post and thanks for the distraction - it was much needed and much appreciated!

  3. aww that valedictorian - so lovely. the pride & prejudice/judgy one was super interesting. i am guilty of that for sure. i didn't even know you could still poke people on FB hahaha. that was hilarious. now i want to poke all the people. the person wearing the same thing over and over was interesting as well. i've seen people do similar things but with plain black or white clothes so it's not as noticeable.


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