December 12, 2016

The First Snow

Just a few minutes after we watched the Vikings win yesterday, the snow started to fall for the first time. It was a great moment. We made it home from a friend's house in Jersey with little traffic, there was a parking spot right out front of our apartment and we were able to take the dogs out for a nice walk in the snow.

It's best when the first snow happens at night because things are usually a little quieter and everything seems to just twinkle.

I was super excited to tackle my Monday morning with a hot cup of coffee and a hot shower. HA. No hot water. The good news is the little stove top espresso maker is working just fine, so I got one out of two. The bad news is that I could really use a shower today, so let's hope something happens here soon.

Hope your week is filled with good coffee and hot water. Happy Monday.


  1. I love the quiet after a snow fall. Add that to the beauty of a parking spot right out front? You had a golden evening, my friend.

    I never miss hot water until I don't have it. Hope it comes back on soon!

  2. i shower at work after my workout on wednesdays and fridays and I HATE IT so i feel you on not having hot water.....hope it gets fixed soon!

  3. I love your pictures! Our first snow is falling right now and I'm just not okay with it haha. I hope your hot water gets fixed soon!


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