December 30, 2016

The Best of 2016: Part 2

Like I said yesterday, it's crazy going through all these memories and realizing how many great moments we had in the last 365 days. I love New Years. I love the feeling of fresh, clean, beginnings. It's like a sunrise, but as much as I love a sunrise, I love a sunset.

I will say again that we are extremely grateful for this year and the adventures we've had. There are so many moments that we don't have pictures of that were pretty amazing too - weddings, babies, dinners, family moments, Sunday strolls - but you can't capture everything or you'd miss it. Here are more photos for the stuff we remembered to take a second:

My sissies came out to visit in July and we had the most fun. We did lots of tourist things and lots of our favorite things. We ran in the rain to see the apartment from Friends, ran into Ivanka Trump, played games in Bryant Park and had early morning coffee chats. I'm pretty lucky to have those two in my life and it's been forever since we got that much time uninterrupted.

We didn't get to the beach as much as we would have liked this summer, but those sunrises are pretty amazing when you get them. There was a stretch in August when the temps were constantly approaching 100 degrees. It also happened to be the week of hell that was apartment searching. This trip to the beach was so overdue and so wonderful.

My dad came out to visit in August and we went to see the US Open. It was my first time at a Tennis tournament and it was so amazing. We saw so many matches and since we went Opening Day, there was tennis happening everywhere. Plus, it was a big moment for my dad so it was really fun to be there with him and see his excitement.

We said goodbye to our Jersey apartment after almost three years. It was bittersweet. We made so many friends in that area and we loved our apartment, but it was time to move on. This last evening on the rooftop was perfect. I miss that view.

And then there were these nights of unpacking and finding new furniture. We were very prepared for this move and there was a plan. It only took us about a week until the place was really home. We love it so much here and even though finding a place in NYC is a pain in the ass, we are so happy we made that move. You can read the full story here.

The first few weeks of dog walks in the new neighborhood are definitely worth remembering. We were so excited to explore this beautiful neighborhood of brownstones and front stoops, little shops and restaurants, blue skies and pretty sunsets. I can't get enough of this.

My mom came to visit in October and was our first guest at the new place. We showed her our new digs and more of Brooklyn. It was fun to have a visitor here in the fall. It really is the greatest time of year in New York City.

We couldn't get enough of the Blue Ridge Parkway, so we took a detour on our way to North Carolina. We drove through some fog and then had the road to ourselves. It was hours of beautiful overlooks and fall colors.

We spent a week in North Carolina enjoying the scenery, the food and best of all, our amazing company. I got to hug Alexa in real life - she has been a blog friend for so long. We got to meet our friends' new baby and see their home and catch up with them. It was an amazing few days.

This face. I can't get enough of it. Lola has had some possible health issues and went in for x-rays on her heart this week. This fall, we have spent more time snuggling her and taking things a little slower. It's crazy how much love you can have for these tiny creatures.

We got one weekend in Minnesota right before Thanksgiving and we had a sleepover with most of our nieces and our nephew. We played some epics games of Sardines (it's hide & seek backwards) and Yeti in the Spaghetti. Plus there was Pizza Ranch and Astronaut Ice Cream. We got to celebrate my brother's birthday, surprise a friend for her baby shower and meet another new 3 month old member to our framily. These trips are quick, busy and rewarding.

We celebrated a friend's birthday by galavanting around Manhattan. After a long day of avoiding Santacon, we ended up on a rooftop in Manhattan that is set up like a ski lodge. They had one seating area that consisted of a tent, a heater, furry blankets and a canoe. We sat in that canoe as long as we possibly could without getting yelled at by other patient, cold bar-goers. It brought so much happiness.

The first snow. The Christmas decorations were all out and the snow fell quickly and blanketed everything. We took the dogs for a really long walk and just enjoyed it - knowing all too well that snow in the city doesn't last long. It was a kick off to a wonderful and very quiet Christmas in the city with just us followed by a staycation which we are still in the middle of. That means it is time for me to turn off the computer and get back to my cooking, reading, Netflixing and packing for our weekend in the woods.

Happy New Year friends. Take a few minutes to watch this sunset and then get up early to enjoy those first fresh and clean moments of 2017. Cheers.

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  1. 'but you can't capture everything or you'd miss it' - so true. i need to remind myself of this often. so glad your new place feels like home, and so quickly :)


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