December 8, 2016

Holiday Thoughts

I think I've been putting too much thought into what I should post lately, which usually leads to not posting anything. I figured I should just sit down and write about life and things.

It's the holiday season and for the first time since we moved, we have no plans during this month at all. We looked at the calendar and looked to see when the last time we took vacation time and didn't have anything planned. Sadly, we couldn't even find the last time. That is what we've decided to do. We are going to stay put here for the next few weeks and just be the four of us. We are taking time off the week between Christmas and New Years and we are going to take the dogs for long walks, sleep in, make big breakfasts, read a ton and I am so excited.

We sent out our holiday cards and it was cool addressing them and realizing how far and wide our circle of friends is spread around the country. We also try and make a point of including a personalized message in every card. It's a challenge and your hand will cramp, but if I'm going to spend the money on postage and a card, I want to at least include a note to the person receiving it.

There are lots of bloggers in the world that don't like real life friends reading their blog. I used to feel like that. It seemed hard to explain. But last week, I got a text from a friend that we should have a package waiting for us downstairs. They sent us the greatest little tree complete with lights and ornaments. She had read that we weren't going to get a tree and didn't want us to be without one. It made my whole week. The best part is that it's potted, so it can hang around after Christmas. I always feel bad leaving trees out on the curb to be tossed away.

I've decided that the twinkling white lights all over our apartment are staying for the winter. I love them. That's the beauty of just using neutral decorations. Other than the Nutcrackers, those are just for Christmas.

We have been using Blue Apron for about six months now. We don't use it every week because we wouldn't want to waste it and we travel fairly often. I am so impressed by the food that we eat. It's helped us learn to make all kinds of things and has introduced us to lots of new things. This week, we made a potato chowder with cheesy toast and it was one of my new favorites. I have a few free meals I can send out if anyone is interested - just leave me your email below and I'll send one your way.

We still haven't turned the heat on in our apartment. We are hanging out in the upper 60's, but the longer I'm away from Minnesota, the bigger baby I become. I've been wrapped in blankets for the last week. Wherever I live next, there must be a fireplace. I think that would solve all my problems.

Also, watch this. It's a great reminder that even though you can't fix everything, one little act of kindness goes a long way. Just imagine the kids reactions.

Two weeks left until the big guy in a red suit takes flight. Hope you are enjoying the moments. Reminder to leave me your email if you want to try a free meal from Blue Apron. 


  1. as reluctant as i've been to turn the heat on, i did and kept it a cool 19C (or 66F); as in it's pretty freaking cold inside that everyone is wearing a down vest inside the house LOL.

  2. I really love the idea of having Christmas through New Years off! Hope y'all enjoy it. :) I really need to try Blue Apron!

  3. I want a fireplace next too.

    I'm glad you guys are going to take some time between Christmas and New Year's to just be and roam and relax.

  4. I loooove Blue Apron! It makes me feel like a profession chef!


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