December 1, 2016


Alright, we have made it to the most festive month of the year. People seem to forget about the short days and colder weather because it's almost Christmas. What is usually the busiest month for people is turning out to be fairly calm and quiet for us and it's a strange feeling. To catch you up, here is what I'm currently doing...

Watching Gilmore Girls. The OG. Don't tell me anything about the new ones because I'll get to them eventually.

Annoyed that the last two library books I've opened have bored me enough that I didn't finish them. I hate when that happens. I love giving every story a chance, but I wasn't looking forward to reading and that stinks. The worst part is that they are both listed as top fiction of 2016.

Excited to do all the NYC Christmas things. We are repeating our favorites, but also trying a few new things. Dyker Heights and the Holiday Train Show are my favorites. Anyone else?

Proud of the Thanksgiving dinner we ate this year. We actually contributed for our first time and the dessert we made was a replica of the Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding. It was so damn good. Also, I brought my camera to our Thanksgiving and didn't take it out of my backpack once.

Listening to Kacey Musgraves Christmas Album. We missed out on tickets to see her perform the songs live next week, but I'm over it.

Smelling the Vanilla Snowflake candle from BBW. We spent at least 20 minutes smelling all the holiday candles the other day and left with the same two Christmas scents that we always get.

Finishing our Christmas shopping for family this weekend. Thanks to the holiday markets everywhere, it's easier to find fun gifts that are unique and support small business. We shopped the market below last weekend and were able to indulge in Dough donuts and check a few things off the list.

Wondering if I will regret not getting a tree this year. I do like seeing all the pictures of them, but we don't have anyone coming to town and we will be shipping out the gifts we wrap in the next week or so to save some money. Maybe I'll just get a tiny one for the smell.

Dreaming about Hygge. You can read more about it from this post from early last year. I think it will be part of my New Year's Resolution. Who doesn't love the idea of warm blankets, candles, quiet and happiness?

What are you most excited about this holiday season?


  1. OMG the book thing...same here. i just got 3 books from the library and right now, i'm not in the reading mood...and these books have been on hold for me for a while (months!) so now i'm trying to force it and it's not feeling very good right now :(

  2. Ugh, the books! Which ones were boring, steer me away...

  3. Ahhh Gilmore Girls. I just finished reliving all 7 original seasons and it was glorious. Although now I have to wait for my mom to come up and watch the revival because I got a grand idea to watch it together, since we used to watch the originals together way back when. Trying to avoid spoilers is a full-time job in itself! How far along are you?

    What is your other favorite scent at BBW? JC and I are obsessed with their Fall scents, but haven't checked out the holiday ones yet! We definitely need to asap!

  4. Oh my gosh, my mouth is watering from that picture of the banana pudding-- YUM! I totally remember that post on Hygge-- but had to refresh my memory on what it meant, so I'm glad you mentioned it again.

  5. You could always get a Christmas tree candle!

  6. oh markets seem like such a great idea for christmas gifts, i wish there was something like that here (there might be, i have no idea). the dessert you made looks so good! i am with you on library books... the problem for me is that i am such a mood reader and sometimes i get a bunch of books because they come in after waiting for ages, or because i think yes, i want to read that.. i get home and they just sit there because none of them call out to me.. but i have to read them because of the whole they aren't mine and have to go back thing. so i try, i get bored. it's no fun at all.
    we don't have a tree this year.. when you say tiny one for the smell, do you mean like a real one? i have never gotten a real tree (or actually seen one in real life besides from a car window) and i wouldn't mind a small one because they seem less hassle instead of a big one.


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