December 20, 2016

Autumn in New York

I made a Fall Bucket List and I actually accomplished a few of the things. I thought it would be easy to check them all off, but I have yet to pull that off.


Apple Orchard and Wine Tasting  - These were checked off on our trip up to Connecticut to visit a friend and see her new digs in Norwalk. It was a beautiful day to be outside and exploring new territories. It wasn't the best wine and the apples were in bins instead of on trees, but I'm still counting this.

Visit Charlotte, NC - Finally we took this trip. It was so good to hug some people and cheers to them. We also took in the scenery of Skyline Drive. I'll share more of this trip soon and I can't wait to return. This porch in the photo is from the 4th Ward.

Take a boat ride - We took a scenic boat ride around the whole island of Manhattan. It was obviously all tourists, so the picture taking and running from one side of the boat to the other was a little overwhelming. We just stayed in our seats and took in the sights. It was cool seeing the northern part of the island from the Harlem River.

Update skin care routine - I have finally found some daily products that I love and they don't have all the bad stuff in them.  Does anyone else find themselves hoarding products and not using them? I had done that and I'm putting myself in check.

See live music - Finally! It had been a while since we had seen any shows. We saw the Head and the Heart in October and then saw Chadwick Stokes last week. We have tickets to a few more things this Winter and I'm so excited. Music is meant to be enjoyed live.

Tried and failed:

Oktoberfest - We tried going, we really did. I even made reservations. We showed up and things were a complete mess. I couldn't handle it. We drank Oktoberfest beers at a regular bar and it was all great.
Yoga - I did it a few times, but we didn't go to the neighborhood studio. I found a different workout program that I can do in our gym without spending any money.
Complete 3 cozy things - Maybe this belongs more in the winter category.
Visit Governor's Island - This was on the list twice and I skipped it both times, so maybe it's not really something I need to accomplish.
Catch up on my reading list - I got a few more books read, but I didn't catch up as much as I needed to. Looks like I'll be sticking with the same goal next year and trying to get it.

It was a great first three months in our new apartment. Even though I didn't check everything off the list, we did a bunch of awesome things. We cooked 1/2 of a great Thanksgiving dinner, we walked through Central Park during peak fall colors, we explored our neighborhood, got some volunteer time in, had a great trip home to Minnesota, met lots of friends' babies and had fun with my mom when she was in town. Our new home is quickly becoming my favorite ever.

I'm determined to make a list that I can check everything off of, so stay tuned for my winter bucket list tomorrow.


  1. I'm almost convinced that nobody actually ever DOES go to Governor's Island, they just say they're going to. I've never been. You've never been. That's enough evidence for me!

    Also I LOVE your Little Red Lighthouse picture because I can see one of my former apartments in it. Which boat was this? I totally wanna go on it!

  2. YES to hoarding but not using products. I just cleaned them all out and updated my regimen so I'm not doing that anymore.

    Sometimes when something is on my list two or three times without getting done, I'm all ehhh, I probably don't even actually WANT to do this.


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