October 25, 2016

The New Normal


This is not a blog post about NeNe's TV show. I never got into it because I don't really buy her as an actress, but that's a whole separate topic. I wanted to share a little bit of our version of "normal" life now. 
Normal (adjective): conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.
Moving to Brooklyn has been one of the best decisions we've made in a long time. We knew we would be able to explore some new neighborhoods, eat amazing food and get around easier in the city, but there are some things we didn't really talk about before moving. We've settled into our new normal now and I thought I'd share a few of our findings.

Because of alternate side parking, we are aware of all holidays for all religions and we are grateful for all of them.

We forget where our car is. We park it and barely drive it, so it's easy to forget where it's parked.

We walk everywhere. It has helped us not overspend at Target and buy stuff we don't need. We definitely don't want to carry it a mile home. I thought I wore out my Toms quickly the last few years, I have a feeling that I will be getting new shoes more frequently here.

I carry a backpack instead of a purse 75% of the time because it makes more sense. For those of you following along, I got this backpack in the forestland pattern and I'm obsessed.

I buy beer at the grocery store and wine from the wine store. The best wine stores have loyalty perks. My favorite is Corkscrew on Myrtle.

We avoid the BQE at all costs. There is always traffic and the road will always be under construction and people will never understand how to drive on it.

Our gym never has anyone in it. It's amazing. I don't know where these skinny people in my building exercise, but it's not with me and I love it. I have actually stepped foot in there more than once.

We have to deal with the old tenants mail almost daily. It's a giant pain.

I miss seeing the skyline daily. We love our street and our adventures, but not having that beautiful skyline in constant view has been a little sad.

I spend way more time on our balcony than I thought I would. I was waiting for spring to get some new chairs out there, but I might see if there are any clearance options.

We do things on week nights. In Jersey, we barely even looked at events on weeknights unless they were concerts we really wanted to see. Now we are constantly looking for events (mostly free) happening on week nights because it's easier to get there.

We don't have a favorite place anymore. There are too many options. It's definitely not a bad thing, just makes ordering food a little more difficult. I may have stared at my seamless options for 37 minutes the other day... yep, I was paying attention to the clock.


Have you have realized that life has shifted to a new normal? I am pretty grateful that our new normal seems to be an improvement.


  1. Glad things are going well! I sometimes think having everything in walking distance would be amazing. Where I live you cannot walk to anything!

  2. Sounds like all mostly upgrades in your new normal! I can't wait for the day I live in or near a small city and seek out activities on weeknights but that is just not happening in my current normal.

  3. I am so glad you are enjoying living in Brooklyn. :)

  4. So glad you're finding your place in Brooklyn. I esp love that you walk everywhere; I would totally ditch my car for walking but everything is so spread out here that it would take me forever and a day to get to where I was going!

  5. we still get mail from the people who owned our house before us. super annoying.
    i love realising something is a new normal - normally to do with food, actually. KC and I go through phases where we have a favourite for a few months and then suddenly 3 years later we are like wow, remember when we used to eat there all the time?

  6. So nice that you can walk everywhere- Jared and I used to want to be able to do that; now I just want to live out in the country with acres and no neighbors ;) Haha! I Bet you could find some great clearance patio chairs- I've been looking for some new stuff myself!


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