October 14, 2016

Five Favorites for Friday

Friday has arrived. It has been a crazy week at work so this weekend will be well deserved. We have a comedy show on the calendar for tomorrow evening - it's a parody of 90210 and I'm pumped. We are checking apple orchard/winery off the fall bucket list on Sunday. I'm also going to take some photos of our apartment so I can show you this awesome little place we call home. As a weekend send off, I'm sharing with you five of my favorite things this week.

1. Kings of the North - The Vikings are 5 - 0!!!!!!!!! And now we have a bye week, so it will stay that way for at least another week. In other football related news, I'm doing OK in my fantasy league and I'm still alive in my survivor league.

2. Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates. Zac Efron + Aubrey Plaza + Anna Kendrick + that other funny guy that I can't remember his name = hilarious even though the reviews don't necessarily agree. I loved it.

3. Go to Target and buy this sweatshirt right now. I have the red one in medium, but I'll probably be purchasing at least one more color because it's the most comfortable thing ever. I promise.

4. Read the Skimm. Every day. It's the best way to get your news and laugh for a second... most mornings. Their app is also my favorite because it adds all the necessary things to my calendar including the NFL schedule, TV premieres and important holidays like Treat Yoself Day.

5. This lady's Instagram account. Her mountain pictures are just gorgeous and I can't get enough.

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  1. I LOVE The Skimm! I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  2. i have a similar sweater like that one (from Old Navy) and it's SO comfy!

  3. I need that sweatshirt! It looks perfectly comfy! We watched the Mike & Dave movie this past week. There were some pretty funny parts! I love that guy from Pitch Perfect.

  4. I just started getting the Skimm like a month ago and I am loving it. So I desperately need that sweatshirt from Target now!!!

  5. The skimm is my favorite source of news information. So convenient! I haven't tried out their app yet though. And omg that girl instagram is sooo beautiful brb to stalk it right now!

  6. I was going to watch that movie last friday but didn't because of the reviews! I love stupid/funny comedies so I am going to add it to my watchlist. AND I was just at Target lastnight and was going to buy the sweatshirt and last minute took it out of my cart. I will deff be going back tonight for it! I subscribe to the skimm but never seem to actually read it.. I'll have to look into the app.

  7. Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates looks so funny, i rarely agree with critics/reviews so I don't mind. i have a very similar jumper from target from last year and i absolutely love it. i wear it allllllll the time during the colder months.


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