October 5, 2016

Fighting Lazy Travel Habits

I travel for work a fair amount. It comes and goes in waves depending on what projects I'm working on. I've learned that sometimes I'm a good traveler and sometimes... bad. I want to be clear - I do not mean "bad traveler" as in the assholes that don't follow the rules of air travel. I'm talking more about laziness. I'm back in a traveling season, so I'm attempting to remind myself of the good habits and fight the lazy.

Example 1: Airport Food

There have been many times in the past that I've bought some sugary fruit juice and candy/chips in the stores at the airport. I usually dive into the snack before boarding and then buy myself another one in case I get hungry on the flight before they give out cookies. But today, I purchased a bottle of water (because I forgot my reusable one.) I also bought a protein bar so I would stay full until my layover. While in Chicago, I refilled my water bottle (hydration is key) and bought some veggies to snack on.

Example 2: In Flight Entertainment

Too many times in the past, I've been suckered into buying a new book and 85 magazines in the Hudson Bookstore. I don't even get to all of them while flying and it's so damn expensive. This week, I downloaded a few podcasts and brought my library book. No money spent on entertainment.

Example 3: Hotel Behavior

We've all hung out in the hotel bar and then snacked in the room on pure crap. Tonight, I went to dinner with my coworkers and got a veggie burger. Then I came back and went for a walk outside before the sunset and did yoga with my foldable mat in the hotel. Now I've caught up on emails and so I'm writing this blog and watching some good old fashioned Bravo.

Example 4: Skincare

I never had the travel size face wash or good night time lotions. Now, I've stocked up on those items and I even packed a face mask to throw on tomorrow night. If only I can remember to pack shampoo and conditioner next time - I had to purchase $8 of travel stuff at O'Hare because I hate the hotel options (except for Kimptons.) 

Example 5: Exploration

The locations I'm traveling to are usually in the Midwest and there are awesome restaurants and things to see, but so often, I just work and sit in the hotel. I've been trying really hard to get out more while I'm traveling and explore. Dinners in new neighborhoods and early morning walks to get some fresh air before the work day starts. Might as well enjoy these days as much as I would at home.

Now that I've been so productive all day and saved myself some moolah, I'm going to soak in some of this Bravo smut that I don't watch anymore... Don't Be Tardy anyone?

What are your travel tips? 


  1. These are really simple, but make a huge difference. Like, I am also always sucked into buying a new book and magazines before a flight. Podcasts are my saviors and I might get a Kindle at some point when I can afford to travel as often as I want to :)
    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

  2. i'm with you on all of these. i prep one week in advance when i travel so that means loading up on shows/movies/podcasts that are at the ready on my USB, i bring my USB to phone adapter so i can easily put more on my phone without eating up all the storage space.

    when it comes to food, i try and book flights that are just after lunch or breakfast so i can eat (a healthy meal) beforehand. if not, we eat at the airport but salads only. i have never bought any food while on the plane. i also pack snacks for us and put them on my carry-on.

    skincare -- i buy those mini travel bottles that i fill with shampoo/conditioner/body wash. the skin products i use already come in travel size so i only use those when travelling.

  3. I very rarely buy entertainment but I do buy airport food. I want to be the person who regularly brings my own snacks but aside from my water bottle to fill and protein bars, I fail there.

  4. i don't travel for work, but if i did, i think i'd have a hard time. i am exceptionally lazy when i travel and always eat horrible food. i also get sucked in to buying snacks, books and magazines. it's so easy to waste so much money so quickly!


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