September 13, 2016

The End of the Jersey Chapter

We took in the views one last time from the brand new building's rooftop at our apartments. We've been preparing for this move for the last month or so. We spent so much time getting excited about our new home but we also wanted to make sure we were appreciating our last moments in Edgewater.

This place has been home for the last 3 years. 

Seen the Empire State Building lit up in so many beautiful colors. 
Lived through what felt like non stop construction noise. 
Watched the first GOP debate with brand new neighbor friends after happy hour (pretty much all the Eaten at least 45 pizzas from Porto.
Drank many beers on the pier watching beautiful sunsets.
Celebrated Christmas mornings on our couch in our pajamas.
Watched the NYC fireworks over Central Park from our window.
Seen the skyline of Manhattan change and grow.
Seen the lights of the World Trade Center shine brightly into the sky on 9/11.
Crashed someone's Thanksgiving dinner last year and ended up with two amazing friends out of the deal.
Watched the dogs run laps in the dog park more times than one person can count.
Been caught in a torrential downpour running from the bus stop to our front door.
Received countless amazing care packages from friends and family back home.
Set off the smoke alarm while learning to cook new things multiple times, but we've also cooked meals that were able to be shared and enjoyed by others.
Built forts in our living room and binge watched many Netflix shows.
Gotten used to the constant sounds of helicopters flying over head.
Hosted sisters, parents, friends and coworkers in our living room. 

And about a million other amazing moments. We are most grateful for the people that are part of our lives now thanks to this little apartment complex. The first few months felt a little lonely, but when you are exploring NYC - you don't have too much time to notice that. Now we are starting over in a new neighborhood, but we have lots of awesome people still close by and a brand new place for our friends and family to come and visit.

I always knew the east coast was a place that I could fall in love with, I just never realized it would be home for me. I'm so lucky and grateful for the last three years and I'm beyond excited for our next adventure. So far, we are have been here a week and a half and I can safely say - it's a perfect fit.


  1. So many wonderful moments in this neighborhood! I'm sure you'll have many more in your new home.

    Floradise blog

  2. I love to look at what it was before getting fully settled into what it is.

  3. you've had some great memories/moments in Jersey and i'm sure you'll make many more in your new place!

  4. So excited for you guys! Cannot wait to see/hear about the new place!!

  5. oh man, i set off the smoke alarm soooooo often lol.
    love looking back on times and places, it's a great way to appreciate all the memories. here's to the next adventure :)


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