September 23, 2016

My Fall Bucket List

I made Summer to-do list this year and only checked off about half. I'm giving this another shot with a brand new season and hopefully I'll be a little more organized (and realistic.)

Apple Orchard - I love apples and farms and fall colors, plus I haven't been to an Apple Orchard in at least a few years. I'd love to find one near here and act like a little kid again. If you know of any within a few hours of NYC, let me know.

Wine Tasting - Because that seems to go along with an apple orchard. Plus, I'd love to stock up on some new wine. Spending any minutes outside while the weather is still nice is necessary as well.

Oktoberfest - Might as well get the drinking items out of the way. I love nothing more than a tent with big steins of beer and fun music and happy people. I missed out on tickets for this Saturday, so I'm going to look around for another opportunity to experience a tiny slice of my heritage.

Visit Charlotte, NC - FINALLY. I have been wanting to visit this city and our friends who live there for a long time. We have a weekend locked in now and we will get to meet our friends' new little baby. The countdown is on.

Take a boat ride - We have always wanted to take a cruise around the island of Manhattan so we are hoping to find one in the next few weeks. Maybe a brunch cruise with my mom when she's in town.

Complete 3 cozy things - I received this book for Christmas last year and it's finally found a home on my counter and I'm ready to dive in and get ambitious. Each month has a few recipes and DIY projects and even though I haven't always been successful in these endeavors, I refuse to give up.

Visit Governor's Island - Yes, this was on my summer list and I still haven't done it. The ferry runs for a few more weeks, so I'm going to keep it on the list and hope it gets done.

Update Skin Care Routine - While moving, I realized that I have been hoarding lots of bottles of products never tried. I've received stuff in subscription boxes and on sale at different stores - but then I put them in the closet and don't use them. I'm determined to try them all out and find some new favorites. I'll make sure to share any that become amazing.

See Live Music - We have tickets to one concert in October, but since we went the whole summer without seeing one concert, I'd like to catch at least a few more before the end of the year.

Catch Up on my Reading List - I am very far behind on my goal for the year and now I officially have a library card and it's time to hit the books. We have a tiny balcony that fits a chair and I'm determined to spend as much time there while the weather is nice with a book in my hand.

Yoga - We want to take advantage of the new student discount at the studio around the corner and take a few classes.

Wish me luck on my list. I want to enjoy the fall colors, the long walks, the new neighborhood and the best weather that we get all year long. What's on your list?


  1. Oh man. I hope you find an Oktoberfest to go to. They're so much fun and should be on everyone's fall bucket list.

  2. Oh I stumbled on The Year of Cozy at Anthropologie and fell in love with it! I went to Charlotte for the first time this spring and it's such a great little city! I highly recommend visiting the Dilworth neighborhood! Great park for running/people watching and tons of brunch spots!

  3. Good stuff, especially library and yoga. I love things that are what I want to do IN my community.

  4. Apple orchards totally make me feel like a kid again!


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