September 19, 2016

Ice Cream, Vegas & Brunch - A Photo Dump

Yep, I still have an iPhone 5 with about 2 GB of storage. Every day, I get that little reminder telling me that I have no storage, so I dump photos on my computer. Lucky you - I decided to share my recent dump with you. 

And yes, it's 11 photos, because that's what I get rid of to make room for more Quincy & Lola photos.

Last weekend, we went on a furniture shopping errand with our friend, Jen. She had found this ice cream on Instagram so we had to try it. It involved waffles cones and cookies'n'cream all over my face. It was the perfect stop on a hot afternoon. Go check it out on the Lower East Side.


Sunday, we celebrated the first regular season Vikings Game of the year at the best bar in the city for purple people eaters - Bar None. We yelled and cheered and drank pitchers of Brooklyn Lager. AND THEN WE WON!!!!!!! We have been so sad about Teddy Bridgewater's injury, so this was an exciting moment.


After a super fun weekend, I headed off to Vegas for 48 hours for a work conference. I had some rough moments getting there and I was exhausted, but during the conference, we would fed SO WELL. These bite sized desserts were part of every meal. They were different for each meal and you don't even need to feel guilty.

Here is the view we had during all those meals and breaks of the conference. We were at the M Resort and Spa and it was beautiful. It's about 10 miles south of the strip which meant it was quiet and clean and wonderful.

Here is a picture of my Wednesday night dinner. It was a "clam bake" but there was steaks, lobster tails, crab legs and all the side dishes. Plus there may have been drinks flowing and live entertainment from a super awesome guitar player while watching the desert sunset. It might have been a whirlwind trip, but I'm grateful for all the stuff I learned, all the food I ate and all the fun moments shoved into 46 hours.

Three hours before my red eye home, I hit the strip with my work friends. We flew through the Venetian, Treasure Island, Caesar's Palace, the Bellagio and Paris.

Instead of going to sleep at 6 PM on Friday like I wanted to after zero sleep, we decided to go to Citi Field to see the Twins play the Mets. We saw a few home runs and ate some awesome food. There was a definite chill in the air, but it was fun to get a baseball in before Summer is officially over.

Saturday morning, we set out to get some furniture shopping done and some IKEA customer service line waiting accomplished. After all the success, we ended up finally going to Rosie's for brunch. I'll do that over and over again. Yes, this enchilada has eggs and green sauce and cheese and amazing all over it.

We did a little shopping for a friend's baby due in November. We were bummed to find out that this horse was WAY MORE than we could afford to spend... even on a car.

And then Saturday night, we were safe at home in Brooklyn watching movies. Sunday morning, we decided to just stick close to home and tried Walter's for brunch. It was amazing.


So that's my recent phone pics dump. We are waiting for a few more shipments and the apartment will be completely assembled and put together. We have our first out of town visitor in a few weeks when my mom comes to town. In the meantime, I will be putting together some posts on our new hood and some of the best food I've eaten since I moved to the east coast.

Hope your football team won this weekend, hope you enjoyed some good brunch or donuts and I hope your phone holds more than 11 photos at a time.


  1. Having such brunch envy, living vicariously through your photo dump. Sounds like I have to check out Walter's! Did you do the Ikea in Red Hook?

  2. LOL, the old photo struggle.

    Going out to breakfast is my preferred meal out of the day. Everything here looks smashing, including your mini desserts in Vegas. I love food in miniature.

  3. Ok, I'm very hungry now! I seriously cannot wait to hear more about the new digs and neighborhood! So happy your Vikings won for you! It was a good week for the Panthers too! Now let's just hope they win again this weekend while we're actually there in person and wait...they are playing the Vikings. Wanna go to Charlotte this weekend? ;)

  4. lol @ purple people eaters. all the food looks amazing, but especially the bite sized desserts. so cool! and that horse is hilarious. bummer it was a fortune, how rude.


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