September 5, 2016


Watching Real Housewives of NYC. It just doesn't get old, but I'm so over Luann. She left for a while and now she's back. Ugh. But I love reunion shows.

Reading three books at the same time. I'm so behind on my reading goal for the year, but now that I have a chair by a window that I can read in - I should start catching up soon.

Exhausted from all the moving. It felt good to be able to sit down and relax tonight.

Buying so much stuff for the apartment. Moving is so expensive, but we are so excited about our new place and how it's all coming together. There are just a few more little things we are looking for, but we are going to just stick to thrift stores or antique stores in our neighborhood.

Feeling behind in everything. We took off Thursday and Friday to move, so work will be nuts this week. I'm looking forward to a productive short week.

Eating way too much take out. Now that we are unpacked, we should be able to get back to cooking at home. I'm not mad about the new pizza places we've found and eating Dough donuts. I'm sure my scale would disagree.

Grateful for the amazing weather we've had this weekend. There was a threat of a tropical storm, but we ended up with windows open and perfect weather all weekend. It was a good change of pace after it rained the entire day that we moved our stuff.

Planning nothing. I have a work trip next week, but nothing else on the calendar. It feels weird.

Loving everything about my new neighborhood. I'll share more this week, but there are brownstones, trees, amazing restaurants and it's awesomely quiet.

Counting down to Thursday when the NFL season kicks off. I've shed many tears over Teddy Bridgewater's knee, but he wasn't on my fantasy team so maybe we have a chance.

Laughing because I just got a text message from my awesome friend, Brian, asking me to write about classy things on the internet. It made my night and I'm glad I can give the people what they want. There will be more posts this week about our new place.

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Just a friendly reminder, Summer isn't actually over so enjoy the last few weeks.


  1. i love finding home goods on the cheap! when we got this house, we scoured antique stores, dollar stores (dishes/cups etc) and winners on the regular.

  2. Congrats on your move, which I know can be crazy! It would feel weird to not have anything planned for my calendar, so I know how you feel! But sometimes it's nice to take a breather and just savor the moment.

    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

  3. So glad the move went well and you love the new neighborhood!

  4. Wahoo for the new place and neighborhood! I have enjoyed stalking you on Snapchat along the way :)

  5. i want a chair by the window! that's my dream lol. i suppose i could just put a chair by any window in my house, but i want it a certain way lol. i'm glad you are loving your new neighbourhood!


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