August 19, 2016

Things I'm Excited About

It's Friday and I'm excited for the weekend. Justin is back from a work trip and there is fun to be had. I figured I'd list out a few more things that I'm excited about today because I'm in that kind of mood.

The new Dawes album coming out in September.

Packing and unpacking. I know I probably won't feel that way once I'm deep in the shit, but it's the best way to go through all of your things and reassess.

Winning the Hamilton lottery. I really feel like my name is going to be called soon.

The US Open with my dad in a few weeks. He was such a huge help when we listed our house that we are treating him to the first day of the US Open. He has gotten extremely into tennis in the last few years and has decided that one of his bucket list items is to see the four major tennis tournaments in the world. We figured we would help him check off the US tournament first.

Our new neighborhood. More on this soon.

Eating so much Porto that I gain 5 lbs. Porto is our favorite restaurant near our current apartment. They have the world's greatest Pesto Pasta and their daily specials are magical. Our intention is to eat there at least 3 more times before moving day.

Being able to have my windows open again.

Meeting all of our friends brand new babies. So many babies.

Checking a few things off my Summer to-do list this weekend. The summer has absolutely flown by, but it isn't over yet so we are going to soak in this last month and do fun stuff.

Our fantasy football draft on Sunday night. We have the best league EVER. The smack talking is insanely creative and the trophies are one of a kind. (Plus I'm the greatest commissioner that ever was.)

I'm excited about Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings. I know they break my heart year after year but I love them so much.

The fact that we have a completely open calendar the rest of the year. After my dad, we have no visitors, no vacations, no big events. We can be more spontaneous and that makes me happy.

So tell me, what are you excited about right now? Let me be excited for you.


  1. how sweet that you're taking your dad to the US Open!! He's going to love it :)

  2. YES to fantasy football! Our family league's draft is next weekend, and I'm so excited. Sounds like so much fun in the near future for you! That really is so awesome about taking your dad to the US Open, he will absolutely love it!

  3. Lots of great stuff coming for you!The US Open is awesome, as is a new place.

    I'm trying to get to my last summer things too over the next month.

  4. Can't wait to hear about this "new neighborhood"!!!

  5. Packing and unpacking is both the best thing and the's super annoying, but it does help you purge/get organized/remember everything you actually own haha

  6. Yes to football. NFL and fantasy both! ;) I'm the reigning champ in our family league so I'm feeling some pressure this year hehe.

  7. i always want to be more spontaneous but then i plan things and ruin it lol. i love the idea of packing and unpacking but then when i actually do it..... no. haha.


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