August 12, 2016

Thank You Notes Vol. 12

While everyone else is watching awesome Olympic moments, I'm buried waist deep in my apartment hunt. Anyone who has ever looked for an apartment in NYC will understand. It's a nightmare. I felt like staring at something other than Streeteasy and the unfortunately hot weekend weather forecast might help. Also, the last time I wrote online thank you notes was volume 11 in January, so it's probably good to put some gratitude into my universe.

Thank you Pink Umbrella for being my first rainy day umbrella that actually does your job and doesn't flip inside out when someone blows on it.

Thank you Brooklyn for having enough food & drink places with A/C so I could sneak out of the heat while walking from showing to showing.

Thank you cold beer for keeping me from a complete meltdown yesterday. Even though we were warned multiple times, we have had our hearts broken this week a few times and yesterday was almost my breaking point.

Thank you Bachelor in Paradise for being available on Hulu. I needed so badly to shut my brain off last night after a crazy work week plus spending every night apartment hunting. I watched an episode of Bachelor in Paradise and realized that I've been missing out on the smuttiest show of all. Who is that Canadian guy?? Is he for real? I hope he stays on the show for a while (I only watched episode 1, but it sounds like there's voting off or something.)

Thank you Summer for dealing us this weather during the week that I have to go into a million places without air and have real adult conversations.

Thank you Michael Phelps for the world's greatest meme face.

Thank you everyone reading this for sending us fingers-crossed emojis and wishing us luck. I'll probably sit down and write more about this "adventure" but now it's too much.

And most of all, thank you Justin for knowing how to diffuse the situation when I'm melting down, for laughing about ridiculous apartments and brokers with me, for making sure I'm caffeinated and hydrated and beerated (that's a thing, right?) This will continue to be an adventure, but fingers crossed the search will be over soon.

Have a happy weekend.


  1. Good luck with BROOKLYN! Apartment showings here are SO ridiculous! I only commented to say that every time I see (or type) "Bachelor in Paradise" I'm like almost MAD that they didn't use "Cheeseburger in Paradise" as their theme song (swapping out "Cheeseburger" for "Bachelor") because that's how I sing it in my head.

  2. Bachelor in Paradise is the best for tuning out real life! Good luck with the the hunt!

  3. beerated is totally a thing! fingers crossed for you :)
    i keep seeing that face everywhere but must have missed it in real life, i just watched the video and it's hilarious.

  4. Ahhh the apartment search. All the things crossed.

    I adore the Michael Phelps face. It gives me joy.


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