August 15, 2016

Easy like Sunday

Shirt from The Daily Tay and most comfortable sweatpants from Marine Layer
I feel like a whole new person this morning. I'm kicking off my week well rested, in air conditioning and already having my errands done for the week. I know there is that line "a Sunday well spent brings a week of content." This week will be my experiment because I couldn't have spent my Sunday any other way to make it better.

I started the day off with the sunrise at the beach. Justin went surfing, so I tagged along so I could get a little fresh air before the sun cooked everything and everyone. I played in the ocean and read a magazine and just sat.

We enjoyed donuts from Broad Street Dough Co on our way home. I kept it simple with sprinkles. We swung through Rook Coffee (a Jersey classic) and still made it home before 11.

We popped some champagne and put on our comfiest sweats and enjoyed mimosas and quiet time. We ate leftover quiche which tasted even better reheated.

All the laundry got done, the dishes were put away and a candle lit. We got some productive online work done, got organized with some paperwork and cuddled the puppies.

We spent the evening with facemasks, Netflix and leftover pizza (no food waste is still our mission.)

After the crazy week we had, it was nice to spend an entire day just lounging around at home. Now, the workweek is back and I'm beginning to pack and clean and purge. We are still finalizing our next home. But the good news is, it's lunch time on Monday and I have already made stuffed zucchini, caught up all my work emails from the weekend, participated in two conference calls, picked up dog food and coffee and did an airport drop off complete with an almost flat tire that I have already resolved. That whole Sunday business may be true.

I'll keep you posted. Happy Monday.


  1. I'm totally behind that Sunday line. And days that start with beach sunrises. Cheers!

  2. Happy Monday! I've never heard the phrase "a Sunday well spent brings a week of content," but wow is it true! I may have to start writing that in my planner.

    Sounds like a great, relaxing, and yet happily productive weekend--the best kind. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin'

  3. i have never heard that sunday line but i love it! i always feel better when everything is done and i can fully relax on sunday evening.

  4. hell yes to sunday prep for the week ahead. I always make sure shizz gets done before the work week so that I don't feel all panicky and rushed!


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