July 21, 2016

#trendingontwitter: Trumps, Kardashians and Ghostbusters

We are back for another round of Twitter trends. Mostly political this week, but with this election, that can be more entertaining than any Real Housewives.

#famousMelaniaTrumpquotes - OK so the speech situation has been all over the internet this week, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been cracking up at some of the memes. This hashtag is a bunch of people just putting movie quotes on Twitter, but some of them should really be considered in future speeches. This video won them all though. Also, Melania is someone I feel bad for. 

#hottestdayoftheyear - Quit bitching. Remember January. Unless you have no way to get air conditioning, then you can complain. Stay hydrated friends. I'm a little afraid that they are talking about a "heat dome" coming to New York City, but we are heading north so maybe we'll escape it.

#ghostbusters - I'm not sure what people were expecting with this movie. I thought it was great. They remade Ghostbusters with four badass ladies. They paid homage to the original, but they changed it up a little bit. The cameos were perfection. Plus, my husband has become a big Kate McKinnon fan because let's face it, she kind of stole the show. 

#nationallollipopday - Pretty much any preverts dream come true on Instagram. 

#kimexposedtaylorparty - I think I understand this. Kanye was a douche in 2009. He was before that and has been since then. Kim works with Snapchat and utilized the new "memories" feature to share a secretly recorded phone call from months ago. Taylor sounds like kind of a pushover. Kanye is still ridiculous. This creates hours of twitter entertainment, plus some good spin off hashtags. The winners here are the people that got their faces on every website in the world. Except maybe Selena Gomez.

#overheardatRNC - Back to politics. If you need some good laughs, just browse this hashtag for a bit. 

Or just go see more of the best tweets on Good Points! with @Midnight. And then you can watch Seth on this new version of Weekend Update (not really, but I will always picture him at that desk.)

#tedcruz - Then there's that one moment at the RNC where Ted Cruz didn't endorse the Donald. He is bringing the party drama.

So there you have it, the big news for the week. I will be only watching Trump's speech via inappropriate tweets tonight, because that is what gets me through. Also, if you have any Boston recommendations - I haven't been there in a few years and we have a nice long weekend to explore. 
Happy Thursday friends. 



  1. The Melania memes are giving me so much enjoyment today haha

  2. The overheard hashtag is HILARIOUS. Twitter is the place to be this week.

    I don't mind if people complain about excessive heat or cold. Extremes suck. I do mind when the same person complains all summer about the heat and all winter about the cold. No thank you, ma'am.

    I think the main problem with the new Ghostbusters is that women rule and don't need men as props, love interests, etc.

  3. I'm so with you on the kim/taylor thing, I really think the whole thing was fake for publicity because who cares about a phone call or what mean thing kanye said about someone in a song. It was an awful lyric and taylor has every right to be upset or mad about it, but there is no point.

  4. I'm glad to hear that you liked Ghostbusters. I've been seeing some mixed reviews, but I think I might check it out this weekend. I really loved the original and I think all the women are hilarious.

    For Boston! I was just there and I can't recommend Mike's Pastry enough. The line is always out the door, but for good reason! I also really loved Boston Public Garden. So gorgeous. Have fun!

  5. i still haven't seen the new ghostbusters, but i think it looks hilarious.
    i am so over the kardashians and kanye west. i don't really care what's happening with them and taylor swift, i kind of feel like if taylor did lie then it was her stupid fault? like, you run with a regina george, you have to know she'll stab you in the back.
    i try not to complain about the weather.. but sometimes it just comes out. i'm with steph above, when the same people complain about weather all year long i'm just like shut up.

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