July 19, 2016

People I Like

I have spent the last few weeks cleaning out some of my social media. It's reminded me that I get annoyed with certain types of people easily, but today I want to share somethings I like about the people in the world. These are some characteristics that I look for in people.

Enjoy the headlines on the NY Post because they are hilarious and inappropriate. I don't usually read the post, but I always scope the front page.

Recycle because #earth.

Tip well. I don't check every check, but if I see that you left a shitty tip, I'm instantly pissed. Also in that category, people who are super friendly and nice to the people that work in the building they live in are cool. I've watched people be so rude to our awesome maintenance guy and our doorman and it gets me fired up quickly.

Send mail. I try to send at least one card or letter each week in the mail. It's so fun to get something that isn't junk. I had a great mail day last week and I'm excited to WBS (25 bonus points if you know what that means.)

Have productive conversations about politics and current events. I have a few people that I'm Facebook friends with that start meaningful conversations online and everyone is respectful and you get some interesting opinions from all sides of different issues. I love that. 

Make me laugh on Twitter. PimpBillClinton - I'm looking at you.

Celebrate little things. I like champagne and I like silly reasons to pop a bottle. If you want to celebrate a celebrity birthday, a whole week of unchipped finger nail polish or getting 4th place at trivia night - I'm your person and I like you.

Make mix tapes. I know it isn't the 90's anymore, but if someone sends me a good playlist with a super random assortment of songs, I'm happier than a pig in shit. If it shows up as a CD, that is even better. But don't send a tape, because I don't have any way to play it.

Know and love old country. If you can sing Roger Miller's King of the Road, we can be best friends... well, probably.

Don't have guilty pleasures because they just have regular pleasures that they don't feel guilty about.

Wear sweatpants often. If you missed my entire post dedicated to the Sweatpants Squad, check it out here.

Don't use fancy words to describe wine - it's either good or bad, you either like it or you don't. The second someone starts describing it in too much detail, I'm checking out of the conversation. 

Watch Bravo. I can't get enough.

Do nice things without expecting anything in return. I love catching someone doing something awesome when they don't think anyone is looking.

What kind of people do you like? Or if you're feeling a little snarky - who pisses you off?


  1. This post is fantastic :) I love so many of the things you touched on, too! YES to sweatpants squad first and foremost. I always notice when people tip well or when people are kind and friendly to strangers, whether it's a random person in line with you or someone working in your building like you said. Friendly is cool! Sometimes I think people get too wrapped up in their phones or whatever and it's like, God forbid someone strikes up a conversation with someone just because ya know?! #endrant ;)

    1. Oh, also... WBS = Write Back Soon?? :)

  2. yes to all of this; esp people who live in sweats. during my 2wk staycation, i think i only changed out of my home clothes (aka bum clothes) to put on workout clothes, then back to home clothes LOL.

  3. "it's either good or bad." My feelings exactly when it comes to wine!

  4. I love this list, and most of those people would make my own list of people I like!

  5. If I go out with people, I always make sure to carry some extra cash. That way if they tip bad, I can through down some money for the waiter.

  6. GOOD TIPPERS. AMEN. I guilt trip my father in-law on a regular basis because he thinks 15% is an excellent tip. Also, kind people. Yes. Also, also - people who meet "strangers" in bars when they visit NYC ;)

  7. I totally agree. I love mixtapes. I still have a couple CD's in my car with mixtapes I made for my husband and I to listen to and sing together.

  8. if i had a whole week of unchipped nail polish i would pop all the bottles of champagne. i love celebrating little things. that would be pretty huge though haha. i totally call some things guilty pleasures but i don't actually feel guilty about them, so i need to stop saying that! sweatpants are the best though.
    people who are negative or complain a lot, they piss me off. but then sometimes you need a good bitch, so i get it.
    i like nice people. that sounds lame or like a cop out, but so few people are nice these days that it's just... well, nice, when someone is polite, friendly and not an asshole without expecting something in return.


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