July 21, 2016

#trendingontwitter: Trumps, Kardashians and Ghostbusters

We are back for another round of Twitter trends. Mostly political this week, but with this election, that can be more entertaining than any Real Housewives.

#famousMelaniaTrumpquotes - OK so the speech situation has been all over the internet this week, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been cracking up at some of the memes. This hashtag is a bunch of people just putting movie quotes on Twitter, but some of them should really be considered in future speeches. This video won them all though. Also, Melania is someone I feel bad for. 

#hottestdayoftheyear - Quit bitching. Remember January. Unless you have no way to get air conditioning, then you can complain. Stay hydrated friends. I'm a little afraid that they are talking about a "heat dome" coming to New York City, but we are heading north so maybe we'll escape it.

#ghostbusters - I'm not sure what people were expecting with this movie. I thought it was great. They remade Ghostbusters with four badass ladies. They paid homage to the original, but they changed it up a little bit. The cameos were perfection. Plus, my husband has become a big Kate McKinnon fan because let's face it, she kind of stole the show. 

#nationallollipopday - Pretty much any preverts dream come true on Instagram. 

#kimexposedtaylorparty - I think I understand this. Kanye was a douche in 2009. He was before that and has been since then. Kim works with Snapchat and utilized the new "memories" feature to share a secretly recorded phone call from months ago. Taylor sounds like kind of a pushover. Kanye is still ridiculous. This creates hours of twitter entertainment, plus some good spin off hashtags. The winners here are the people that got their faces on every website in the world. Except maybe Selena Gomez.

#overheardatRNC - Back to politics. If you need some good laughs, just browse this hashtag for a bit. 

Or just go see more of the best tweets on Good Points! with @Midnight. And then you can watch Seth on this new version of Weekend Update (not really, but I will always picture him at that desk.)

#tedcruz - Then there's that one moment at the RNC where Ted Cruz didn't endorse the Donald. He is bringing the party drama.

So there you have it, the big news for the week. I will be only watching Trump's speech via inappropriate tweets tonight, because that is what gets me through. Also, if you have any Boston recommendations - I haven't been there in a few years and we have a nice long weekend to explore. 
Happy Thursday friends. 


July 19, 2016

People I Like

I have spent the last few weeks cleaning out some of my social media. It's reminded me that I get annoyed with certain types of people easily, but today I want to share somethings I like about the people in the world. These are some characteristics that I look for in people.

Enjoy the headlines on the NY Post because they are hilarious and inappropriate. I don't usually read the post, but I always scope the front page.

Recycle because #earth.

Tip well. I don't check every check, but if I see that you left a shitty tip, I'm instantly pissed. Also in that category, people who are super friendly and nice to the people that work in the building they live in are cool. I've watched people be so rude to our awesome maintenance guy and our doorman and it gets me fired up quickly.

Send mail. I try to send at least one card or letter each week in the mail. It's so fun to get something that isn't junk. I had a great mail day last week and I'm excited to WBS (25 bonus points if you know what that means.)

Have productive conversations about politics and current events. I have a few people that I'm Facebook friends with that start meaningful conversations online and everyone is respectful and you get some interesting opinions from all sides of different issues. I love that. 

Make me laugh on Twitter. PimpBillClinton - I'm looking at you.

Celebrate little things. I like champagne and I like silly reasons to pop a bottle. If you want to celebrate a celebrity birthday, a whole week of unchipped finger nail polish or getting 4th place at trivia night - I'm your person and I like you.

Make mix tapes. I know it isn't the 90's anymore, but if someone sends me a good playlist with a super random assortment of songs, I'm happier than a pig in shit. If it shows up as a CD, that is even better. But don't send a tape, because I don't have any way to play it.

Know and love old country. If you can sing Roger Miller's King of the Road, we can be best friends... well, probably.

Don't have guilty pleasures because they just have regular pleasures that they don't feel guilty about.

Wear sweatpants often. If you missed my entire post dedicated to the Sweatpants Squad, check it out here.

Don't use fancy words to describe wine - it's either good or bad, you either like it or you don't. The second someone starts describing it in too much detail, I'm checking out of the conversation. 

Watch Bravo. I can't get enough.

Do nice things without expecting anything in return. I love catching someone doing something awesome when they don't think anyone is looking.

What kind of people do you like? Or if you're feeling a little snarky - who pisses you off?

July 14, 2016

Moments from Last Weekend... (A Nashville Recap)


I just returned from a 3 day weekend in Nashville to celebrate Emma's bachelorette party. The whole weekend was an absolute blast. This was my second time there in July with disgustingly hot temperatures (see my recap of my first time here.) With a group of seven girls, it's hard to keep up with everyone and their shenanigans. I figured I'd keep it simple and give you a run-down of my accomplishments and happy moments from the weekend.

I drank a beer and watched live music before even leaving the airport.

I ate Hushpuppies and tried Catfish for my first time. (Acme Feed & Seed is pretty great.)

I stood in line outside in 100 degree heat for breakfast and then I was able to say that it was worth it. (Yep, it was Biscuit Love and there were cheese grits and biscuits involved.)

I tried Bonuts. Biscuit + Doughnut + Mascarpone + blueberry jam. So much better than I even imagined.

I was more sweaty than I have been my last 10 times at the gym.

I listened to Stevenson Everett cover Garth Brooks and it brought back some amazing memories.

I rode around downtown on a golf cart.

I saw some super disturbing YouTube videos after a game of Cards Against Humanity turned into a learning experience. For the love of God, do not google Cake Farts or anything else you've never heard of in that game... or do, but just be prepared for nightmares.

I spent hours having girl talk with my friends and laughing so hard that my face hurt.

I woke up to mimosas, MTV, yoga poses and a three hour discussion about Facebook. Let's go ahead and call that an ideal Saturday morning.

I found a shady spot on the rooftop of Tootsie's to enjoy a cold beer and some epic people watching.

I finally experienced Roger's Western World which I quickly found to be a favorite of most of my Instagram followers. I TOTALLY agree with you. This is what I wanted in Nashville.

I enjoyed the mist fountains on the rooftop of another bar that I don't remember or care about the name of. The two people performing there looked like they hated singing, playing the guitar and just any fun in general. We didn't stay there long.

I enjoyed a champagne toast and the most amazing dinner at Urban Grub.

I wanted to go across the street to the Peach Truck, but I was WAY too stuffed from dinner.

I watched my friends sing song after song at Santa's Pub while enjoying $2 PBR tallboys.

I screamed Africa by Toto into the microphone to end the evening.

I slept very little Saturday night and looked like a disaster at the airport.

I got recognized in the gift shop from my Toto performance the night before at Santa's Pub. I died a little bit inside and then decided to be proud that I made that much of an impact on this entire bachelorette party group. And then of course they were on my flight.

I landed back in NYC and had enough energy to have brunch with my husband and then an epic nap on my couch.

In summary:

I drank at least 5 gallons of water, probably a bottle of wine, 3 mimosas, 1 glass of champagne, more beers than I can count - but that water saved me from feeling any sort of hangover. #adultwin  Also, I kind of lost my voice... I have to remind myself that yelling isn't singing.

Eventually, I'll go and see some of the music sites and spend some more time exploring the different neighborhoods. I'll get a chance to go to Pinewood Social and Pancake Pantry and the other places I drool over but haven't visited yet. But, until then, I have all these awesome memories from this epic girl's weekend.

July 12, 2016

The Bookshelf: Vol 7

Another version of things I've recently read is here. I'm behind on my yearly reading goal which is disappointing, but I'm determined to make a come back. I'm sharing five books with you today. None are 5 stars, but none are less than 3, so I guess that's good.

3 Stars:

Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald - (Goodreads or Amazon) This book is about a woman who traveled to India in her twenties and didn't enjoy it at all. She returned for love years later and had a different experience. I enjoy reading travel books, but it seems as though most of them are a little slow. This one was no different. I picked it up randomly over a month until I finished it. Hearing about living in different countries is always interesting, but isn't a gripping read.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink - (Goodreads or Amazon) I always try and read a few books that will help me with my job. This book was interesting because it talked about the evolution of motivation. This talks about new ways to motivate teams of people - to allow creativity and have less formal rules and processes. Obviously, this doesn't work for all occupations, but it was interesting and I took lots of good bits & pieces from it.

The Invention of Wings by Susan Monk Kidd - (Goodreads or Amazon) This book followed two young girls living in Charleston. One was a slave and one was a white girl in the family that owned the slaves. It follows them as they grow up and rebel. I liked it, but I didn't love it. The story telling just didn't work for me to get really invested.

4 Stars:

Between Shades of Gray by Rupa Sepetys - (Goodreads or Amazon) I've read quite a few books about World War II. This was the first I've read that talked about the Soviet Officers. Hearing the story of a young girl having to go to multiple work camps and end up in a place I didn't even know they had sent people was eye opening. This was a quick read and I would recommend it.

Losing the Light by Andrea Dunlop - (Goodreads or Amazon) This is a great summer beach read. It's about two girls that spend a year aboard in France and meet some locals and get tied up into a love triangle. I read through this really quickly and was impressed that her very first novel was so well written. I think I would have given it 3 stars if I didn't read it in the sunshine with a glass of wine, so definitely read it while poolside.

And that wraps up this recap. I can't wait to read through the other book reviews over at Steph's link up. This is the best place to stop by if you are searching for your next book. Happy hunting.

July 6, 2016


The year is halfway over. It is flying by. In no time, we'll be packing and unpacking, talking about nasty pumpkin spice lattes and hanging Christmas lights. It's time to enjoy each day and hang on to each awesome summer moment.

Reading through my library stash and trying to catch up on my goal of reading 40 books this year. I'll do some recapping next week.

Eating veggies, like fresh ones. It's incredible. Summer is the best time for food - at least if you're trying to eat healthy.

Drinking water. I'm attempting to over-hydrate while I prepare for a hot weekend in Nashville coming up. I have a feeling there will be lots of cold, cheap beers in my future.

Watching Real Housewives of Orange County and getting insanely excited for my local ladies of Jersey to come back. Also, we just finished the second season of Game of Thrones and still love it.

Planning out the rest of our summer and shocked at how many things are on the calendar. I thought we had a pretty relaxed summer, but the month of July is booked every weekend. Oops. The good news is that it's all fun things happening - I just might need to get 10 hours of sleep every week night.

Enjoying sunsets and sunrises. They have been so incredible lately and I want to make a point to see more sunrises on week days.

Buying as little as possible since we will be packing up all of our belongings in two months and I'm working hard to get rid of things.

Toasting EMMA who is getting married in a month. We are celebrating her this weekend with her bach party and I just booked our tickets to Minnesota in August for her wedding. I'm so excited to spend the weekend with some of my best friends from college. We don't get together too often since we live all over the place, but weddings are the most fun to celebrate and I can't wait to have lots of bubbly this weekend.

Going back to Boston in a few weeks for the first time since we moved here. We are going to revisit the spot we got engaged, see the Twins play the Sox and check out some new places that we haven't seen before.

Smelling Chamomile and Honey which is the flavor of the candle lit in front of me.

Wearing loose fitting clothing after all the awesome crap food I consumed last weekend... and preparing to continue that through this weekend and maybe get myself to the gym when I return.

Wishlisting this fitbit since mine is dying after having it for a few years and also anything from this Etsy shop. I'm a sucker for light up signs.

What's happening with you this month? Are you still recovering from the 4th?

Linking up with AnneJenna and Kristen.

July 5, 2016

A Weekend Worth 5 lbs

July 5th is kind of a dud. Summer feels like it's already halfway over. I'm at least 5 pounds heavier and exhausted from the most fun weekend. But, I'm alive and happy and ate/drank all the awesome things this weekend. Plus, I have another super fun weekend coming up. I took most of my photos this weekend on the polaroid, but I have a couple to share.

We went to Murray's Cheese Bar and had mimosa flights and a tower of cheese. It was a high point for me in 2016 so far. I love cheese and I love champagne. 

Justin and I had a coffee date Sunday AM that was magical. We went to Kuppi Coffee in Edgewater, which is one of my favorite places. Just slow sipping coffee without phones in sight enjoying the sunshine and beautiful day ahead of us. After coffee, there were fresh bagels and Trader Joe's without the long lines. Holiday weekends are the best.

Our Sunday afternoon was spent in our friends' backyard in Astoria. It's awesome having friends that have yards. We grilled, played games and laughed hysterically all afternoon. There was veggie burgers, corn on the cob, potato salad, classy cocktails and so many snacks. Also, there was a pull up competition, wall sits and good music. Also, I clearly have no idea how to pose... ever.

The in between moments were filled with friends, cocktails and snacks all over the New York City area. Guac, Mimosas, Pretzels, Pizza, Beer, Brussel Sprouts, Calamari, Croissants, Sangria and all the things that make me afraid of my scale. Instead, I'm going to just keep smiling to myself while I think about how good everything was.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend full of beautiful sunrises, sunsets and so much good food. Now I need to eat only green things and drink only water until Thursday when I land in Nashville and start this all over again. Cheers!