June 17, 2016

Summertime To-Do's

The longest day of the year is about to happen which means summer has officially arrived. Although I'm in the camp that believes it starts Memorial Day, but whatever. Each year I share our list of to-do's for the summer. I reread last years list and realize I failed at 2 and they are back on the list this year. 

1. Get to Boston. It's our favorite city to visit and we haven't been since we moved to the east coast. We are 3 hours away and we haven't been back - it just seems wrong. Plus, it's Big Papi's last season and it would be fun to get back to Fenway.

2. See some live music (outdoors is preferable.) We don't have any on the list right now for the summer - just one concert in October. I'd like to get to at least one or two shows.

3. Pitch the tent. Even if it's in a backyard, I want to make sure we use our tent again this year. This post is the last time it happened and it's two years old.

4. Hike in NJ. Anywhere really. I just feel like we haven't spent enough time exploring the garden state.

5. Visit a new local brewery. We checked off the Bronx Brewery last week and I remember how much I like trying new beers. Plus, so many locations have food trucks, games and awesome outdoor spaces. Let me know if you have a favorite in the area.

6. Experience one new baseball park. Philly and DC - we are overdue. I'm coming for you.

7. See the National Parks Imax movie on a rainy day. It's a special year for the NPS as it celebrates a milestone birthday. We visited Shenandoah National Park over Memorial Day and since I might not check anymore off my list this summer, I would at least like to check out the movie.

8. Get to Governor's Island for the first time. Yep, still haven't been there.

9. Make a return trip to Steve's Key Lime Pies and share with friends. We visited this place for our birthdays last year with my mom and it did not disappoint, Key Lime is one of my favorites to have in dessert and this place in Red Hook is an institution. Now that I'm thinking about it, I might have to go this weekend.

10. Volunteer. We are officially City Harvest volunteers and want to get a few events on the calendar. Plus, I definitely want to do more beach clean ups throughout the summer.

11. Plan a fall trip.

12. Get rid of more stuff before we move. We are under the three month mark and I'm making Goodwill drop off runs at least twice a month. Moving is a bitch and I don't want to move anything that we won't be keeping at the new place - wherever you are.

Plus all the usual stuff. Phone free days, reading lots of book, continuing our no-waste kitchen goals, exploring with the dogs, exercising. These things don't have a season, they are just always on my list. So what's on your summer list? I hope whatever it is, it includes a lot of days like the one pictured below.

Life According to Steph


  1. Do you follow the newjerseyisntboring Instagram account? I always see good stuff on there but a lot of times I think it's closer to you than me. Maybe some hiking ideas?

    I wish Steve's delivered.

  2. I still haven't been to Governor's Island, either! And I've lived in NYC for almost eight years! These sound like awesome goals!

  3. I haven't been to Governor's Island yet either. It's the on the "eventually" list. Hiking in NJ... go to http://www.nynjtc.org/ for a TON of trails all throughout the state with any info you could possibly want/need.

    1. Sorry. This was me. wasn't signed in.

  4. GET IT with those Goodwill runs!! That needs to be part of my master plan this summer! Seeing a game at Fenway is fun (but I hate the Red Sox ;) NYY for lifeeeee.) I'm actually headed to Boston for work on Sunday... it's definitely one of my favorite places. :)

  5. I'm going to make a mental note to check out steve's the next time we're up towards new york. it's my husband's favorite dessert and he's not a big sweet guy (it's also one of the ONLY desserts I don't like- go figure, haha).

  6. yes to fall trips! sept/oct is our favourite time to travel because weather in many places is still warm but not scorching; cool but not cold.

  7. I love the brewery one. Visiting new ones is definitely one of my favorite activities, especially when they do tours and free samples! Good luck :)

  8. Summer is just my favorite! Even though it's still super busy, the days just seem slower to me, and I love that.

  9. Great list! I love summer, so many things to do outside :D

  10. Great list! I love summer, so many things to do outside :D

  11. Moving is rough for sure! When we moved into our apartment after selling I couldn't believe how much stuff we had. Needless to say we have done several purges. Check out Mins Game blog they have a great system.

  12. hope you are able to check off everything on this list! i love the local brewery idea, i would love to do that around here, i think KC would love it. we'll see, i've never been to any so they are all new. good luck on getting rid of stuff, i feel like i need to start preparing and throwing things out for when we move.. not that we are moving any time soon but we have a lot of crap and i don't want to pack it haha.


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