June 10, 2016

How's It Going?

Friday has arrived. I'm blurting today.

I have so many things I want to share on the blog and NONE of them are SEO or traffic driven (although I have a post about what has happened to blogging that is in the draft folder.) I want to share my NOLA trip, our birthday weekend in Virginia and lots fun NYC things because I can do whatever I want here. Stay tuned for all these fun things:

This tweet has kicked off the beginning of the general election season. Looks like it will be like watching Celebrity Apprentice... eff. Don't worry, he also responded back to her - because Twitter arguments are for mature adults and wannabe leaders of the United States. Insert {face palm emoji} here.

If it's all becoming too much, go follow this hilarious Donny Trump account on Twitter and play my game of trying to figure out if it's the actual Donald or this guy when you first read the tweet. It's harder than you think it would be. Also, @pimpbillclinton is hilarious (aka Netflix and Bill.)

Do you follow our videos on youtube? I do those quarterly recaps and I never posted my winter video here. Click here to subscribe so you don't miss any that I forget to post on the blog in the future.

I hope all of you have a comfort zone like Quincy does. I snapped my airline pillow around his neck the other night while he was looking for a spot to lay down. 20 minutes, I came into the living room to find this:

Sorry, it's a little like dog porn, but seriously - this is his life.

I'm so excited that the weekend is almost here. It's our first weekend home in quite some time. I'm hoping for donuts, Sunday strolling, a BBQ with friends and book reading.

Also, wishing a very happy birthday to the only friend I know that references Unicorns and Flamingos in every conversation.

The title of this? I'm genuinely curious how everyone is feeling today? Are you even still reading? Will most of you skip commenting below? If I would have typed different words meaning vagina throughout this post, would you have noticed? Tell me - HOW ARE YOU and what are you doing this weekend?


  1. i'm trying to get out of working this weekend so wish me luck!
    i'm still so surprised that Donald Trump is still running! why hasn't he been kicked off yet???

  2. omg the twitter arguments are embarrassing. your dog looks crazy comfy with your airline pillow. i can't wait for your what has happened to blogging post :) i think i would have noticed vagina words in your post lol


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