June 13, 2016

Focusing on the Sunshine

This weekend we were home. It was a nice change of pace. We had only fun plans and the weather was perfection. Here are my last 10 iPhone photos to help with a little recap of my weekend.

This little message is painted on the sidewalk near our apartment. I snapped this while walking the pups Friday morning. It's starting to fade a little, but I love it the same.

Working from home with dogs can be a bit noisy or distracting sometimes - they always like to bark loudly while I'm facilitating conference calls. But then there are many moments like this where they just want to quietly sit by you and my heart just melts.

Took a quick screenshot of this book announcement, because I had to inform my other Bravo watching friends. They aren't for everyone, but I find them insanely entertaining and I just might have signed copies of his other two.

Saturday afternoon, we went to a BBQ in our friends' backyard. This is Wally (follow him on Instagram for the cutest pictures and most hilarious hashtags.) We spent hours enjoying the sunshine, occasional breeze, some yard games and good food & drinks.

Our drive home from the BBQ gave us a pretty amazing view of Manhattan. I was in the passenger seat and took this while we were moving. I guess I thought I could get some Instagram worthy picture at this moment, but it's a little blurry and off center - still a beautiful setting.

Sunday AM, Justin went surfing super early and I took my iced coffee out to the pier to enjoy a sunrise. It wasn't quite as good as the one they saw from the beach, but it's nice to have that outdoor space to myself. A quiet sunrise is one of my favorite things - it helps reset, find peace and gratitude, plus your whole day is more enjoyable when you are up with the sun.

Once I came inside from the pier, I just sat on the couch and read for a few hours. The morning light in our apartment is one of my favorite things.

Sunday afternoon consisted of some exploration to some parts of the city that we don't visit too often. We are beginning our hunt for our next home and we want to make sure we are informed about options. We tried out the Bronx Brewery in SoBro. The brewery was hosting some crossfit competitions while we were there, so we sat in the sunshine, drank beers and watched a bunch of super strong people jump and lift big things over their heads. It was kind of like cheering on a marathon runner, but enough that both of us agreed that it probably wasn't our thing.

Our other stop of the day was the northern part of Manhattan called Inwood Hills. We enjoyed some awesome food at Park View Cafe and then just wandered the streets a little bit taking it all in.

New York City is big. To actually explore and spend time in all the neighborhoods would be a lifelong journey especially because of how quickly things change. I'm really looking forward to our weekend adventures this summer that lead us to new streets, parks, restaurants and areas than any we've previously explored.

I was lucky enough to be filled with lots of positive communities and people this weekend - sharing love and time together. After waking up to the horrible news about Orlando on Sunday, it feels wrong to talk about a weekend filled with sunshine, but I have to focus on love and light. We all do.

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  1. You've gotta keep living...and appreciating.

    I love to start the day alone with the sunrise. It's something I like to do alone.

  2. we definitely have to focus on love and light. i don't want to sound flippant or like i don't care that these things are happening, i absolutely do. but i have to appreciate the things in my life as well, because they are what i have. if that makes sense.
    i don't think i have ever actually seen a sunrise, like not without a city obstructing it, and not actually paying attention to it, if that makes sense. which is horrible. i need to rectify that.

  3. Love your ending to this post-- it is way too easy and dangerous to get overwhelmed with the constant hatred in the world. I haven't read any of Andy's books, but I can totally see how entertaining they would be!


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