June 1, 2016


I'm currently...

Excited for a Minnesota wedding of a good college friend this weekend. It will be a super quick trip there and back, but it's fun to see a bunch of people in one place - especially when there's dancing involved.

Reading Holy Cow. It's been on my "to-read" list forever and I finally remembered to get it from the library. It's not the greatest book I've ever read, but it's always cool to read all about different travel experiences.

Catching up on videos from the last few months. You can check out our most recent video on our YouTube channel and let me know what you think. I'll have Costa Rica and New Orleans up soon.

Eating food that isn't good for me. It was birthday month and I ate a lot of bread and cheese and not enough vegetables. I'm making a comeback this month. Until I look at pictures like this one of mac & cheese and tots... it's hard to be healthy. We've been doing good at not wasting any food though so mission almost accomplished.

Planning our next life move. It's a little overwhelming, but mostly exciting. I probably won't be in the same mental state in two months though, so stay tuned.

Enjoying the summer weather that has arrived. The east coast had so much damn rain the last month and I'm so happy to see the sunshine finally show up. I can't wait for all the afternoons to hang out at places like the Rockaway Beach Surf Club.

Buying as little as possible right now. We will be packing up our belongings in a few months and the less we have to deal with, the better we will all feel.

Craving Sangria and all things Rose. Also, watermelon, strawberries, kiwis, veggie hot dogs, veggie burgers, cold beer. All things summer time.

Pinning all the things that I'm not buying. I've had a few Pinterest binge sessions lately. Follow me here so I can follow you back. I love seeing how other people organize their Pinterest boards. I feel like I'm a little behind the game and unorganized about it. I'm also happy this didn't exist when I was planning our wedding.

Shocked that my husband and I have been together for 11 years. He is my person and every adventure is amazing.

Missing my birthday buddies. We just spent the best weekend in Virginia exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains. There were sing alongs, amazing hikes, beautiful overlooks, lots of cheese and one giant waterfall. I'll be sharing some awesome photos we took in the next week or so because I miss our mountain house already and hope to get another trip on the books soon.

Linking up with Anne and Kristin because I love seeing posts like these.

Happy June! Hope Summer weather is happening where you are.


  1. But but where are you going? Hopefully not away from the East Coast because you've been here for a while and we have not gotten our shit together to meet up. LOL

  2. Birthday months are so hard on the ole diet!!

  3. 11 years together?! Congrats! That is so impressive! :D Have a great trip to Minnesota!

  4. I love seeing posts like this too, so I'm glad you linked up :) All things sangria and rose sound quite nice to me too... as does this New Orleans video as I have a work trip there later this month!

  5. aww 11 years! congrats! i hate looking back on photos of good (unhealthy) food when i am trying to be healthy haha. i can handle other people's pictures, but my own pictures, i remember the food and how amazing it was lol.
    i didn't have a very pinteresty wedding, but i definitely used pinterest, and i wish it wasn't around because it made it even more stressful lol

  6. yes to sangria! i've been drinking one at least once a week :)


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