May 5, 2016

#trendingontwitter - America, Nerds and Margaritas

Back again for another hashtag round up. Twitter is becoming the fastest way for people to get their news, so every once in a while, I grab the trending topics and discuss them here.

#dropouthillary - I guess the tweeps are trying to send a message. This hashtag has been used over 250k times. Yikes.

#dropoutbernie - This one only has 24,000 uses on Twitter. I guess Twitter is a different kind of polling system.

#losewithcruz  - Heehee, that wasn't really a hashtag, but Ted Cruz was all over Twitter this week after dropping out of the race. I always find it interesting that they say that no matter what, they will not give up and then 10 hours later, they are suspending their campaign. I still think the guy looks like a villain, so I'm happy to not see his face every five minutes.

#ripamerica - OK, this is the last political one. I really haven't touched on politics on the blog much. I am definitely not a fan of Trump or Cruz. It's been very interesting watching how much attention this election has received just on social media, but it will interest me even more to see if people actually turn out to the polls. I wish people wouldn't be giving up on this country just because they are upset about the primary elections - there are still months of things to happen and we kind of need people to show up to the polls.

#starwarsin4words - Wednesday was officially Star Wars day and of course, Twitter showed up to celebrate. There were some real gems here but my favorite was "Luke, that's your sister."

#manlybookclubnames - For all you book lovers, I suggest browsing the hilarious options in this hashtag. There were quite a few toilet references, but some people were extremely creative.

#teacherappreciationday - Did you hug a teacher this week or at least send them an awesome message of gratitude? Their jobs are hard. Show some love.

#ManusXMachina - Sorry, I just don't really care that much about these red carpet events. I tried looking at the pictures and Kanye's eyes freaked me out, I'm obviously behind on what's happening in Beyonce's life and the only thing I thought was super cool was that Emma Watson's dress was made out of recycled bottles - she just keeps getting cooler. You can read more on her dress and the story behind it here.

#nothingcompares2u - I haven't really talked about Prince on the blog yet, but radio stations across the country played this song for him this week in unison. I was in Minnesota when he died and it's hard to really explain to anyone not from there. I didn't shed any tears or go into mourning, but he's a legend and has done some really awesome things locally there and it was a sad day. I just read this awesome collection of photos and a deeper explanation of his relationship with Minnesota on one of my favorite blogs - check out Kati Rose to see for yourself.

#RunningManChallenge - If you haven't heard of this, you can see a video about it on my Facebook page by clicking here. Also, I'm probably going to attempt to recreate this on Snapchat this week at some point. I love a new dance move.

Now, today I'm looking forward to pictures of tacos, guac and margaritas. Thank you Twitter for helping me stay on top of what's happening in the world.


  1. Loved Kati Rose's post on the Prince / Minnesota thing. That was really cool to read.

    MFD has lost his mind over this election. I didn't think it could be worse than the GWB/Gore debacle, but this might be. LOL I'll be voting, I'll always be voting, even if it's to register that I don't like any of my options. I'm really interested to see how the next few months will unfold.

  2. I'm not a fan of Trump or Cruz either. At all. "Luke, she's your sister" wins the Internet. And I don't care about red carpet events either! I always feel like I'm the only one. But I do love that her outfit was all recycled materials.

  3. I had heard about Emma wearing a recycled bottle dress but I had no idea until now that it was actually cool-looking and not like a Project Runway reject. Also I kind of think if I were her stylist, Sarah Slutsky, I would have changed my name by now.

  4. I'm so sick of hearing about the elections... ugh, it feels like there is no good choice but I'll still show up and vote because its my duty and my right! That recycled bottled dress is seriously SUPER cool!

  5. The elections are stressing me out -- I don't like any of the choices! I secretly love the Met Gala and looking at what most call the celebrity prom. I share your enthusiasm for her dress made of bottles and I also loved Claire Danes' light up dress :)

  6. Ha! Love the politacal hashtags. Emma's recylcled bottle dress looks hot!

  7. I love the MetGala - if only for the weird fashion they pull out!

  8. I feel like political hashtags are going to be topping the charts until November! I hate how contentious politics can get, but some people can be really funny/clever! Silver lining! :)

  9. oooh emma's dress is so pretty and so cool that it was made out of recycled bottles. i don't really follow celebrities as much as i used to, so i am always behind on events or what is happening in beyonce's life lol. "Luke, that's your sister." made me laugh so hard. i agree about people giving up on this country... i can't vote, but i know several people who have already given up and refuse to vote because they don't think their vote matters.. um, actually, yes it does lol.


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