May 4, 2016

Rain for Days

I started a post this morning about the rainy weather and how it's completely demolished my motivation and I could barely handle the pathetic nature of it.

This all started a few weeks ago. We went back to Minnesota and spent a week working in the office during the day and then working on our house at night. We are getting ready to sell it and you can't really do much from 1000 miles away. Add in four days in the car with a few work meetings each way and a wedding and sneaking in some family time - you get the idea. We overextended ourselves on this trip and have been struggling to jump back on the awesome bus since then.

So here I was today, writing a post about my low FitBit activity, my sad unused yoga mat, the T25 discs that haven't made it into my DVD player, the videos from our Costa Rica trip and NOLA trip that haven't been touched, books that I haven't dove into, a pile for goodwill, laundry to be done, the remainder of our spring cleaning items and the list goes on... (I was also going to confess how much I love a few Justin Bieber songs, but that was just to lighten the mood.)

Once I saw it all listed out, I annoyed myself. We had a crazy few weeks and a lot is going on and life doesn't always get to be flamingos and unicorns.

Starting today, I'm getting back to celebrating the little things and getting back to my word for the year.

Things I'm grateful for right at this second:

1. The coffee maker that automatically starts brewing each morning when my alarm is going off. The smell of coffee is one of the greatest things to wake up to.

2. My newest Frostbeard candle, Gatsby's Mansion.

3. A cuddly dog that is sitting in my lap right now.

4. The fact that this household hasn't wasted a single scrap of food in 4 days - this is our focus for May.

Already I feel like I'm one or two steps closer to flamingo and unicorn land again. Then I checked the weather and it's four more days of rain here. Maybe a few Bieber songs will help me or exercise. Thanks for letting me work this out on the internet this morning. Happy hump day.


  1. the weather has a huge impact on our mood. i really don't know how people in vancouver or london do it.

  2. When it goes like this, I begin to feel like I might never see the sun again. I get rammy or pitiful. Then annoyed at myself. So I totally get what you're cooking here.

  3. I hear you girl! Crank those Bieber songs and hang in there ;) A cuddly dog surely helps everything- I tell Jared all the time we need a dog (despite my allergies) so I always have someone to cheer me up hehe

  4. I admire the way you still look at the bright side and encourage yourself despite feeling lousy because of the weather. For all it's worth, we here have been praying for rain for weeks now because it's impossible warm. So you're still blessed with it.

    Enjoy the rain while it lasts! :)

  5. Hooray for dog cuddles! I'm about done with the weather, too.

  6. I love that there is a term "flamingo and unicorn land"... Can I live there with you?!

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Thanks for reading my ramblings. It makes my heart happy.