April 27, 2016

The Beaches of Guanacaste, Costa Rica: Part 2

Oh hey, here we are for round two of beach pictures galore. The warm weather kind of disappeared in the last few days and I'm back to dreaming of beaches. Here is part 2 of my Costa Rica beach recaps. If you missed part one, go experience it here.

These beaches were a little closer to the house we stayed in, so we spent a little more time in these areas. Again, I'll tell you that each beach is a little different and that's what is so cool about the country.

Playa Brasilito

The area around Brasilito has a lot going on. There are lots of little restaurants and bars, gift shops and tours. We did our ATV tour from a place near this beach. Our favorite restaurant was called the Spot. We visited the very strange casino/bar on the beach and even had a lengthy conversation with a man that spoke no english, but kept leaving his horse with us... like for ten minutes at a time. A HORSE. Seriously.

We also watched the sunset from this beach and you just need to watch the sunset over the ocean - it's incredible.

Playa Flamingo

Here is where the Monkey Bar lives. That's my dad's favorite place in Costa Rica. The beach is beautiful. There are lots of resorts in this area which means lots of food and drink options.

Playa Danta

This was a small beach with a resort on it, but it's secluded and beautiful. The water is a gorgeous color and the restaurant on the beach and it's lovely. Two of our friends rented kayaks here and loved it.  The hammocks here were like something out of my dreams.

Playa Amor

This beach was a highlight for me. We reached the beach via boat. There is a trail, but it's long and tough. We were on a sailboat and they anchored here for lunch. We were able to swim to the shore and enjoy the beautiful waters and green trees on the shore. Lots of awesome snorkeling and scuba diving here.

So that's what I've got. Which beach is at the top of your list? I wish I was on a sailboat right now getting ready to jump into warm ocean water and swim to a private beach. Instead I'm drinking wine and binge watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I guess things aren't too bad. Bring on summertime!!!


  1. Sign me up for a spot on one of those hammocks.

    I love the opening photo of you guys - that's a framer!

  2. Gorgeous beaches and colors everywhere! I'm dreaming of warmth and sun and toes in the sand right about now, too! :) I LOLd at the thought of you guys being left with a strange man's horse!!

  3. I wish I could comment with a photo of us holding the horse reigns and the beers in our other hands....LOL love you


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