April 8, 2016

Tell Me Something Good

Friday has arrived and it has me feeling all kinds of awesome this week. Awesome feelings should be shared. 

1. I got to check off another state on the map this week. I visited Texas for my first time. It was a fairly quick work trip to Houston, but I was able to eat some good food and get a quick tour of Minute Maid Ballpark. Plus, we got to see some awesome work things that will be coming up in the future. 

2. All three of the library books I had requested came in yesterday. There's a couple books that I've had on my to-read list for years and this will allow me to check those off.

3. We have tickets to the mac & cheese showdown in NYC on Sunday with two of our partners in crime. Two hours, tons of cheesy noodles and some beer to wash it down. I will obviously have photos of this to share with you soon.

4. You can use the code STEPHGREGERSON20 to get 20% off my favorite bracelets at Pura Vida. They are a pretty awesome company with colorful and beautiful bracelets, plus clothes and other accessories.

5. I watched The Intern this week and it was so cheesy, but I loved it. I love Robert DeNiro. I don't hate Anne Hathaway (although it seems like the rest of the world does.) I love cheesy movies, but they are even better if DeNiro is involved.

6. I love the fact that these is a link up for good things. Let's put some good things out into the world today. If you are looking for some ideas on how to spend your weekend, go check out Chelsea's list of adventures for April.

Tell Me Something Good Friday!


  1. I love the Pura Vida flat bracelets. I am dying for one in yellow, which they are not selling solo anymore, you have to buy it in a set. Very disappointing.

    Happy weekend!

  2. I don't hate Anne Hathaway either. Why does everyone else?? haha

  3. OH MY GOODNESS there is a mac and cheese showdown?!! amazing! thanks for sharing all your good things going on and have so much (also never ever visit houston in the summer, just don't do it). thanks for linking up and happy friday!

  4. Mac and cheese showdown... omg, I might have to avoid your Snapchat bc I will be drooling from over here! ;) I keep seeing things about Pura Vida lately, their stuff is really cute!!


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