April 4, 2016

A Weekend of Food and Relaxation

A weekend update - something that hasn't been done on this blog in a while, but when we ate as much good food as we did this weekend, it should be documented.

We started our weekend with date night at Porto and we skipped pizza for the first time ever and opted for a few of their pasta dishes. They were unreal. After dinner, we enjoyed a thrilling game of Jeopardy and an early bed time.

Justin went surfing Saturday morning. Yes, we are in New Jersey and it's the first weekend of April, but he has all the necessary wet suit stuff and this is his second weekend in a row. Once he got home, we jumped in the car with friends and headed directly to Williamsburg to enjoy the first day of Smorgasburg for the year. If you've never been, you need to.

That is just a sampling from Meredith's instagram that is dedicated to food (you should probably follow her too.) We ate a BBQ Jackfruit sandwich and it tasted just like BBQ pork (from what I remember.) We enjoyed Sopapillas, tacos, mozzarella sticks and donuts. Going with friends is a must because you can sample so many things.

After that, we tagged along while our friends checked out a couple possible wedding venues. There was more drinking and eating involved, plus I got to see some awesome places in Brooklyn I've never been to before.

After an important stop at Crif dogs, we headed back to Jersey and drank some wine and played some board games. We also enjoyed a giant block of cheese from Costco.

Sunday was beautiful - but only if you were looking out the window. The wind was crazy and cold. We spent the day reading, cleaning and watching Star Wars with the dogs. It was exactly what I needed before my work week.

Now, I'm off to Houston. This is my very first trip to Texas and I'm excited to get some warm weather for a few days. I don't get much time to explore since it's a work trip, but I always love seeing new places even if it's from a car window from the airport to the hotel. Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday - hope you get to start it off with something like this:


  1. Your Williamsburg donut is the stuff of dreams.

    I am not a season rusher but could really do with some additional warmth right now.

  2. All that food...yum! Now I'm hungry! Haha. :)

  3. SO MUCH good food!! I should have known better than to read this during my afternoon "I want a snack" stage ;) Hope you get to enjoy a little bit of Texas while you're there!

  4. oh my gosh, seriously with the food. like everyone else, now i'm hungry haha. hope you have a good time in houston, work or not :)

  5. That donut looks amazingggg. Have the best time in Houston!

  6. What a fun weekend. That food....


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