March 9, 2016

The House on the Mountain: Costa Rica Memories

I wrote an entire post yesterday about squad goals and I referenced floating Flamingos. It's time to introduce to our 4 adopted flamingo friends and the inspiration behind our trip's hashtag - #gringoswithflamingos 

We had a group of 8. A hotel would have been expensive even before adding in meals out, so renting a house seemed like the perfect option. A friend of ours did the research and we ended up with a beautiful 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom house outside of Playa Potrero. 

We had beautiful views from atop our hill that definitely shined most at sunset. We were able to cook our own food for most meals and lounge in our flamingos in the pool. It saved us a fortune and was the most beautiful house. Plus, we had a couple that lived on site and we got to hang out with their pup during our pool days. There was a TV, but we only turned it on to watch the Grammy's. 

The flamingos can be found here and there are drink floats available as an add-on. We spent hours in them and we each brought ours home to be reunited in the future.

The dog that lived at the house was named Kappi - I'm guessing at the spelling. He was so sweet. Dogs are everywhere in Costa Rica. They run free and do whatever they want. Kappi was no different. He got used to us pretty quickly. He would take his walk down the road in the morning and come back by the time we were cooking breakfast. It was so nice for all of us dog owners to have a dog with us while we were there.

Also, my husband can successfully manage an epic photobomb.  The showstoppers were really the sunrises and sunsets. The sky did magical things. The quiet moments watching the light come and go - those were some of my favorites. Daylight in Costa Rica is consistent - sun up at 6 AM and sun down at 6 PM. You get used to it real quickly, but you don't ever tire of these colors.

If you are thinking about renting a house in Costa Rica, I'd be happy to give you the information for the company that we used. I would recommend this option so much. We had an absolute blast.

Mr. & Mrs. O


  1. oh my gosh i LOVE your floating flamingos. i take back what i said about them keeping them haha! how cute are those drink floats?! i wonder if i could take a flamingo on a cruise.. probably not.
    those views are absolutely amazing. if i ever go to costa rica, i'd definitely do the house thing.

  2. Ummmm your flamingoes are ADORABLE! We went to Joshua Tree with a group of 8 and rented the kewlest house so I loved reading this and those sunsets MY GOSH also those flamingoes are amazing. So is your hashtag.

    Meghan Sara /

  3. I love that you all stayed in a house. My parents and their travel friends have done that on some of the islands. It sounds like an awesome option, with a bonus dog!

    I love your flamingos. My friend bought floats for our girls' lake trip this summer and I sort of hope they're flamingos now. hahaha

    And of course I love your sunrise pics. Sunset too.

  4. Beautiful find!! I love Costa Rica! It is a gorgeous place and you found the perfect spot to enjoy it! Love the flamingos!

    I currently have a Travel Tuesday Linkup going on if you want to join in, this post would be a great addition!
    Hope your day is beautiful!

  5. I love all inclusive resorts, but I would prefer to stay in a house when on vacation with friends and family. These pictures make me want to go on vacation asap.

  6. Those flamingo floaties are cracking me up! I loved Costa Rica as well, and it looks like you did it right renting a house!

  7. What a gorgeous place! Getting a house is totally the way to go!

  8. Those flamingos are such a great idea for the trip. I actually gifted my friend who has a pool the same one for her birthday last year. Renting a house seems like the way to go and you got some beautiful views and sunsets.

  9. Everything about this post is amazing! The view, the pool, THE FLAMINGOS! I love it all.

    Thanks for linking up. I hope to see you again soon!

  10. Those sunsets and backgrounds behind the pool are gorgeous, love love!


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