March 2, 2016


I can hardly believe that two months have already gone by this year. March is usually a month that brings warmer weather, but we've had glimpses of that in February already. I'm just excited about the world starting to look a little less dead. Snow usually fixes that, but since our one blizzard - there hasn't been much. Enough about weather, here is what's happening currently.

Determined to get to the ski hill this weekend. It has been so warm this winter (most days) that we haven't had a chance to bust out our winter sports equipment. It has to happen at least once.

Reading Fates and Furies.

Watching Mighty Ducks movies. I love watching them at least once a year because nostalgia.

Practicing Spanish. After visiting Costa Rica, I realized how much I want to be able to speak at least a little Spanish. It's one of the 10 most used languages in the world - it can't hurt.

Cleaning out everything. Spring cleaning time is my favorite. The book, Spark Joy, came in the January PopSugar box and I'm reading it while continuing my tidying journey. We finished all clothes last night.

Eating Strawberries and Gouda cheese.

Happy that I finally got to hang out with Samantha. We had drinks and some food. We laughed and chatted. We didn't take a single photo, but we were too busy having fun.

Excited to use our new coffee maker. Our Keurig died on Sunday. It's a good thing because I hated using those K-cups - I love the earth. It was fine when it was just me drinking coffee, but that was a few years ago. Now, Justin & I both enjoy a cup or two in the morning. We have a shiny new coffee maker that makes full pots of coffee and I'm so excited to fire it up in the morning.

Behind on organizing videos and photos. I'm excited to share my Costa Rica photos, but I just haven't sat down and gone through them all yet.

Missing these party people. I spent a quarter of my last month with them. We will be reunited when two of them get married this summer and I can't wait.

Needing any recommendations on New Orleans. We are heading there for a weekend of fun with our super awesome friend, Katie. None of us have been there before. We usually do a ski weekend - last year was Lake Placid, NY and the year before was Smuggler's Notch, VT - but we are trying something new this year.

Hope a bunch of you made it to the polls today for Super Tuesday. Jersey doesn't play along until way later in the game, but I'm watching tonight to see what happens.

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  1. Ooooh I just came back from ski weekend with my boyfriend's family but because of the warm weather, it was too icy to ski! Especially with little kiddos - we went sledding instead and it was lots of fun! Right up near Lake Placid here in NY. Hope you get away before spring (which tbr can come ANY DAY NOW in my opinion!)

    Meghan Sara /

  2. i'm waiting for my keurig to die as well! i've switched to coffee pods which are environment friendly but still, i prefer my old coffee pot.

  3. New Orleans is the BEST! Aside from the obvious Bourbon Street, I'd highly recommend the World War II museum for any history buffs in the group. It's seriously incredible and walking distance from the French Quarter. Cafe du Monde is a must. Frenchmen Street is the locals' version of Bourbon Street, so that's always fun to check out. I really enjoyed the Haunted tour I did a couple years ago, but I'm into that kind of thing. I also recommend checking out a graveyard. I know it's a little weird, but they're so different, gorgeous, and peaceful. Just don't go alone because some of them aren't the safest places. Have fun!

  4. we were given one of those keurig things for christmas. I don't drink coffee, but KC does. He has an espresso machine that he prefers. But his dad (who gave us the machine) also gave us a bunch of little k cup thingys including hot chocolates and caramel hot chocolates and let me tell you, i could get used to those. unfortunately, i think i gained 5lbs in 2 days because i had like 57 of them. we gave it to his mom the next week haha.

    i have only been to NOLA once, but it was many years ago and it was a bourbon street induced haze.. so i would love to go back and do it again.

  5. I need to start practicing languages too. Yumm, gouda and strawberries so tasty!

    Oh my gosh, NOLA is one of the greatest cities ever, I LOVED IT! You have to hit Bourbon street just once to watch the crazies. There is a delicious {$$} restaurant called Arnauds right off of Bourbon street, we love it. Also hit up Mullattes for some delicious cajun food. Cafe du Monde is a must, be prepared for a long line and you can always get it to go which is usually quicker than eating in the restaurant. I also suggest just walking around the French Quarter and you have to check out the WW2 museum. IT IS AMAZING! I live right outside DC and think this museum is better.

  6. We went back to the old school coffee maker this year after loving having it at the shore. I enjoy it much more because I love the ritual.

    Hurrah New Orleans!

  7. After our trip to Punta Cana I came home and got back on board with some Spanish as well. I took 4 years of it in high school and I'm ashamed at how little I remember! It's definitely something I'd like to continually brush up on, it's SO important I think! Spring cleaning is my fave too :)

  8. I'm currently trying to learn Spanish too and am forever cursing myself for not taking it in high school and college, haha. You guys will have so much fun in New Orleans! We went last year and I think it will always be one of our favorite trips. We really didn't go to Bourbon Street at all, but did a bike tour that was a fun way to get around and see more of the city.

  9. I was once fluent in Spanish & I am cursing myself for getting out of practice. I'm sure I could pick some of it back up fairly easily. It just seems so hard. I'll regret this when visiting South America. I know it.

    No NOLA recommendations, just want to say beignets. Mmmm.

  10. Mighty Ducks! It's such a MN nostalgia kick. I will forever love Charlie Conway and the gang.

  11. I'm jealous that you're going to NOLA! I wish I had recommendations...only thing I can tell you is to obviously go to Cafe du Monde. I went there on a volunteer trip after Hurricane Katrina and the city was still partially under water so there wasn't much to do. I'm dying to go back and see the city in all its glory!

  12. Hey there! I found your blog through Christy's linkup. My friend just gave me Fates and Furies and I'm dying to read it! How do you like it?

  13. I need to practice my spanish too! I minored in it in college and every time I visit a Spanish speaking country I wish that I got more practice. Oh well :(

    Thanks for joining in the linkup!

  14. I'm about done with my keurig as well. So many pods! I love my french press as well, but I think a new coffee maker needs to happen. What kind did you get?

  15. I definitely have the urge to tidy at the moment, and it's not even really spring here yet. A good purge is so satisfying! I don't like coffee but I wish I did just so I could have a fancy machine. I'm that much of a gadget magpie :(


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