February 29, 2016

Happy Bonus Day

I get weirdly excited about a few random things. Leap Day just happens to be one of them. It seems silly, but I just love the idea that there is a whole bonus day once every 4 years. Normally, this morning would be a giant bummer. Our coffee machine is broken, it's a Monday and our kitchen needs a deep clean. I'm not mad about any of it.

Some other things I get ridiculously excited about:

Coffee mugs. Whether they are colorful, funny, souvenirs. I love coffee mugs.

The email from the library telling me one of the books I requested is there.

Take off on a plane. It's my favorite part.

Getting anything in the mail that isn't a bill or advertisement.

Stumbling upon restaurants that end up being the most amazing.

A glass of champagne.

Hitting 10,000 steps before noon.

Lists. The act of making them and the act of checking things off. I love it.

Finishing a project at work or even one small task that makes someone else's job easier.

When a book makes me laugh really hard or cry a little bit.

I'm sure I could go on for a while, but I'm off to get myself a donut and coffee to start this magical Monday. What are you doing to celebrate your bonus day?


  1. taking off on a plane - every time the engines turn up and the plane starts going fast, i get SO SLEEPY and i actually fall asleep for a good 5 minutes. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. i'm not sure why that happens LOL

  2. Library emails and special mail make me happy too, also books that make me laugh out loud are some of the best.

  3. I am so lucky I get this day off from work! so I am going to meet a friend for coffee, going to get a mani/pedi and then head out for a run in this beautiful weather!

  4. I might need to borrow this post idea!

    I also get excited about Leap Day - it feels like a holiday, doesn't it? I wish I was off today.

    COFFEE MUGS. They spark joy in me for sure.

  5. 10k steps before noon? GET IT girl! :) And library emails seriously make me giddy- I love it! :)

  6. yes to all of these. when a book makes me feel anything, it makes my heart so happy, even if i'm mad or crying because it is just amazing to me that a book can do that. take off is kind of my favourite part, but it gets old real quick when i feel like we're gonna crash haha. i quite like when we land :)

  7. It really is fun to think about. A bonus day for the year once every 4 years. :)
    I love discovering great restaurants too. It's like an adventure.

  8. I will come back to this place, its huge and open, and have really tall ceilings. Wait staff at Chicago venues was also pretty good. Bartender was awesome and personable. I was really pleased with my party here. Ha! I highly recommend these guys.


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