February 24, 2016

Costa Rica: Recap of the Senses

After reading Steph's recap of South Africa, I took away something important. It's important to remember your feelings when exploring a new place. Justin and I have always made sure to put down phones and cameras and just be sometimes. A place always looks better through your own eyes.

This trip made me feel so much gratitude, but there are a few other smaller things I want to remember, so I'm going to do a quick recap using my five senses.

I heard...

Waterfalls. Late night games of Farkle. Crazy birds with mohawks arguing by the pool every morning. Lots of Spanish words I understood (thank you Rosetta Stone.) A little Justin Bieber. Splashing from cannon balls into the pool. Waves. Strong winds. The funny sounds that the Monkeys make.

I tasted...

Tropical drinks of many different colors. So many fish tacos. Imperial Beers. Rice & beans with every meal. The taste of salt water when the waves knocked me over. Fruit juice out of a box - it was so amazing. Fresh eggs that tasted better than any I can find at home.

I smelled...

Salty waves. Sunscreen. Chlorine from the pool. Sweaty people in the Liberia airport. BBQ's on Playa Conchal. Malibu Rum. Fresh coffee (which we definitely stocked up on for home.) My favorite spray in conditioner.

I saw...

Beautiful sunsets every night. Fish jumping alongside our sail boat. So many stars at night. Turquoise waters. New kinds of birds and plants. Dogs everywhere. Beaches that each had their own personality and vibe. Surfers everywhere.

I felt...

So blessed that we have friends that like to experience new things with us. Relaxed in a way I can't remember ever feeling. The Pacific Ocean. Warm breeze. And again, so much gratitude.

Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit. I'm excited to show you pics of all the beautiful beaches and sights that we saw.


  1. I love this recap. It's like experiencing it through reading, I swear I just smelled some of those things too.

    You're the second person I know to go to Costa Rica in a month and I'm wondering why it hasn't been on my radar before. I'm excited to see more!

    Also need to know your favorite spray conditioner.

  2. It sounds like such a lovely trip, and the perfect winter getaway!

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  4. UGH! I loved Costa Rica so much when I went last year. Where were you staying? We stayed in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side. The food was just so beyond anything I can get in America. I actually had the worst stomach problems for a few weeks after returning from my trip because I had gotten used to eating fresh, real food!

  5. Everything looks (and sounds) so gorgeous!

  6. this is so great. sometimes when i go through my recaps, i remember being worried that i was talking too much and not sharing enough info or pictures, and now i don't remember a lot of feelings. so from now on, screw it, i'm gonna share feelings. i love the format of this post and may steal/copy for my next recap. costa rica sounds and looks amazing, as does that fruity cocktail. yum.

  7. Love this idea for a vacation recap! Remember small things like sounds and tastes is so important.

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