January 8, 2016

Thank You Notes Vol. 11

It seems appropriate to have a Jimmy Fallon themed post today since I SAW HIM LAST NIGHT. We have been wanting to see Billy Joel at MSG since he announced his run in Jan 2014. About a month ago, I finally purchased tickets for his 25th show there and it was last night. The show was so incredible, but adding Jimmy Fallon to the mix was incredible. Jimmy and I have history which you can catch up with here.

Anyways, on to some Thank You Notes...

Thank you Billy for playing River of Dreams and making me shed a few tears as I was flooded with some fantastic childhood memories. Also, you played Justin's favorite song and that was super awesome too. And one last thing, you are pretty funny and that made me like you even more.

Thank you Piano Man for being a better version of drunk people swaying and singing along than Garth Brooks' Friends in Low Places. Watching thousands of people sway back and forth and sing along last night made me feel like I was hanging out with all my friends in a bar somewhere in Northern MN. It was awesome.

Thank you usually obnoxious cell phone lights for creating the most beautiful setting last night at the concert. I usually hate when I see them lit up, but last night, it took my breath away.

Thank you Quincy & Lola for having a clean bill of health at the vet. He was surprised by your age, which is the best news ever.

Thank you Jamberry for making my nails pretty with little maintenance. I botched my first set in a pretty epic way, but then I watched some YouTube videos and nailed it with my second attempt.

Thank you body for surviving 5 days in a row of getting my butt kicked in workouts. You might think it's some New Year's resolution, but it's really a last minute effort to prep for Costa Rica. And by last minute, I mean five weeks, but it's what I got.

Thank you 2016 for already being awesome. This year is off to a great start. I'm excited for a weekend of football playoffs, rest days from T25, coffee, books and early bedtimes. Cheers to getting through that first week and being awesome for the next 51.


  1. I love Jimmy Fallon how awesome! And Costa Rica, I am so jealous that is going to be amazing!

  2. That is THE best description of Piano Man I have ever heard.

  3. So excited you got to see Jimmy! I know how much you love him!!

    And yayyyy for Quincy & Lola! Nothing is better than healthy pups!

    Awesome work on T25! You're going to have a rockin' body for Costa Rica!!

  4. We loved Billy in concert this summer - I was really happy that he was down to earth and funny.

    What is Justin's favorite song?

  5. costa rica?! lucky!! it's snowing LF here and it sucks...wish i could get away to a sunny, hot place too!!

  6. um, yes to piano man! i must admit i am not a fan of friends in low places, i don't hate it, but eh. 5 weeks! or, less than that now. you go girl! i have 5 months and i really need to get my butt into gear.


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