January 25, 2016

How We Survived the Blizzard Called Jonas


Maybe you missed it, but the east coast got 24 hours of non stop snow and wind. It started late Friday night while we were enjoying the company of friends & neighbors at the local watering hole. I slept in until 9:00 AM on Saturday which was amazing and when I woke up, it was a winter wonderland.

Good thing I had prepared for this blizzard with a quick run to Target and our local liquor store. It ended up being the absolute greatest day. Now that I've survived a blizzard and enjoyed every last second, I'm clearly an expert that should be giving you advice.

Supplies required for Blizzard:

  • From Liquor Store:
    • Champagne
    • Bailey's
    • Wine of all kinds
  • From Target/Grocery Store:
    • Marshmallows
    • Fruit juice
    • Hot cocoa of all kinds - Salted Caramel & Chili Spice are my favorites
  • Things you probably have at home (if you don't, buy/get them)
    • Sugar
    • Almond Milk
    • Vanilla Extract
    • Coffee
    • Good Boots - I have these and I love them.
    • Amazing PJ's
    • Books
    • A fully stocked Netflix queue
Once you have all the supplies, it's time to get into your PJ's and enjoy yourself a blizzard. 

Here is a possible itinerary (it worked great for us.)

9:00 AM - Wake up, make the coffee and take the dogs outside for an adventure. If you follow me on Snapchat: stephgregerson - you would have seen their adorable winter jackets. 

9:30 AM - Make cinnamon rolls. Read, drink coffee, stare out the window at the snow. Repeat until you finish your current book. 

12:00 PM - Search the hashtags about the storm to see how much has accumulated and the pictures people have taken. You should probably take 100 pictures to make sure you have a good one to share.

1:00 PM - Make a mimosa and stare out the window at the snow some more.  Obviously, post the picture on Instagram (another plug - my blog has an Instagram account now - insertclassyhere)

1:30 PM - Make macaroni & cheese because nothing goes better with a mimosa. 

2:00 PM - Start a new book. Keep drinking mimosas.

3:00 PM - Answer text messages from all of your out of town relatives letting them know you're alive and you have power. Also, remind them that New Jersey is bigger than people think and we are not in the area that is getting flooded. 

3:30 PM - Take the dogs out again and play in the snow. Ski goggles are never a bad idea when the wind is blowing snow towards your face at 30 mph.

4:00 PM - Peer pressure neighbors to hang out with you and drink. We used a bribe of dessert - including snow cream (see recipe below) and hot chocolate.

4:30 PM - Pack your backpack full of goodies and head out into the storm... well, across the street, but it felt really bad ass. Drink wine with your hot chocolate and snow cream.

6:00 PM - Starting discussing pizza and wondering if delivery guys are considered emergency vehicles.

6:10 PM - Realize that all you want is pizza and start calling local places. Get lucky on your second try (really, it was a miracle). Convince friends to "gear up" because we are walking the 10 blocks to pick it up.

7:00 PM - With pizza in your possession, walk fast back to enjoy it. Also, count your blessings if you have a garage to park in.

7:20 PM - Eat pizza, drink more wine, watch youtube videos. 

8:30 PM - Make the trek back across the street, bundle up the dogs and take them out again. Prepare yourselves for little success considering the snow is 2 feet high at this point.

9:00 PM - Change into a fresh pair of PJ's, pour more wine and settle in for some Netflix or if you're lucky like us, you get a few hours with two of your best friends via FaceTime.

11:30 PM - Fall asleep to the sound of the snow plows working extra hard and wonder if tomorrow will bring sunshine.

Best Blizzard Day ever.

We were supposed to be heading out of town today for a work trip, but since travel was banned until mid-day and the Pennsylvania turnpike was closed for part of our route, we pushed it back until Monday. I'm probably driving when you're reading this. Hopefully the sunshine helped clear those roads.

Hoping all my friends were able to have a quiet, peaceful day at home with power and food during this crazy storm. Let me know what you mix into your snow cream. 


  1. i was following the storm updates on IG/news/twitter etc!

    also, the book thief is such a great book!

  2. I always love venturing out (on foot!) during weather like that. Though I equally enjoy staying snuggled up inside with a good book and a mimosa (plain old OJ these last few months just hasn't been cutting it).

  3. hahaha this is hilarious. and i love the mimosa and mac n cheese idea. and funny you mentioned that about family and telling them NJ is bigger than they think. my family in australia is like 'omg are you getting a million feet of snow? isn't NYC close to you? are you okay?' and i'm like yeah, NYC is right next door to KY. lol

  4. You know how to survive a blizzard right!

  5. This is amazing! It looks like you truly made the most of this snow storm! My favorite hashtag was #snowtoriousBIG. Hahaha!

  6. You did well! I hate going outside in a blizzard, I like to wait until it stops.

    MFD is heading to the shore to assess damage this afternoon.

  7. This day sounds like so much fun! I love snow days, so much fun (and drinking ;) to be had! I will have to try out this snow cream recipe next time...sounds delicious :)

  8. This day sounds like so much fun! I love snow days, so much fun (and drinking ;) to be had! I will have to try out this snow cream recipe next time...sounds delicious :)

  9. Those nails are GAWGEOUS!!! The blizzard hit us in Brooklyn SO BAD! Wish we'd have thought of ski goggles - we wore our dust goggles from Burning Man! Loved your photos!

    Meghan Sara / meghansara.com


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