January 5, 2016


I know that so many people are sad that Christmas is over, but it's a brand new year and I'm pretty excited. I shared my word for 2016 yesterday, so today I'll update you on the little simple things in life.

Reading The Book Thief and #Girlboss right now. I found a great book challenge for 2016 that will get me outside of my usual a little bit, but nothing too crazy. 40 books. I'm off to a good start.

Obsessing over Making a Murderer. We watched the first two episodes before we left town last week and then binge watched the remaining eight episodes in two days. I have so many thoughts about this - most fall into the angry and confused category. I also have to continue to remind myself that this is a real story and not a scripted TV show. It's terrifying and sad and I'm obsessed with talking about it and reading about it. If you haven't finished the series, wait until you're done to read about it. If you haven't started watching, do it ASAP.

Listening to Fleetwood Mac. Classic.

Smelling my Vanilla Snowflake candle. It's such a BBW classic.

Sweating my way through T25. I've survived 2 days in a row - only 4 weeks and 5 days left. 25 minutes a day really isn't bad. I'll update more once I'm a little further in. If you have ever thought about doing a program like this, let me know and we can chat more about it. You can also visit this website to check out more info.

Writing in my 52 Lists book. I received this from a friend for Christmas and I was so excited. I love lists and I love new journals/notebooks.

Shopping for a new swim suit for our Costa Rica trip. I want a one piece that is comfortable but not old ladylike. I have no idea where to start. It's been so long since I've bought a swimsuit that wasn't on clearance at Target.

Missing the woods and the mountains from this weekend. We fell in love with the Catskills this weekend more than we had during our previous visits. Plus, the house we rented was perfect. I wish I was sitting in front of a fire right now or sitting in the reading nook pictured above.

Feeling the cold finally showing up. Winter has arrived. There is still no snow, but I'm back to the time of year that I wish the dogs could pee in our toilet. I think it would be easier to handle if there was pretty snow to look at.

What is happening in your life today? What candle are you burning? What book challenges are you participating in?


  1. Fleetwood Mac is always an acceptable choice. I have to admit I STILL haven't watched Making A Murderer, but only because of what you said above. I can't afford to stay up late right now with work so I have to wait until I have a few days off. It's killing me smalls.

  2. That window seat looks dreamy! I need to get on this Making a Murderer show everyone is talking about it!

  3. The 52 Lists Book keeps popping up on Amazon for me. Maybe that's a sign I should just get it? You can never go wrong with Fleetwood Mac! That's a pretty solid challenge list - good luck!

  4. I need a one piece too.

    Is 52 lists worth getting?

    My next house is totally going to have window seats.

    I finished Making a Murderer last night. I wish Dean Strang was my friend. Jerry Buting too. I am heartbroken over Brendan Dassey and want new trials all around.

  5. I am reading and knitting a lot. I am trying to get my photography biz booked up.

  6. oh i bought a one piece for our cruise - i have bikinis as well, but i just wanted a one piece for the more active things we do. it's super cute, in my opinion lol. it was more than i would usually pay but i got it at nordstrom. target & h&m have some cute affordable ones!

  7. Loving that you're loving T25! And today, you're 1 week down and you have 2 rest days coming up!

    And Costa Rica is coming up soon too?! SO EXCITING. Have you thought about a 2 piece, but with a tankini? That's what I did this Summer. I was able to mix and match, so it was still cute and not old lady like ;)


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