December 11, 2015

New York Riveters

A few weeks ago, Justin and I were shopping near Little Italy in a Canadian store called Roots. We struck up a conversation with someone working there and of course she was from Minnesota. As we stood there chatting, a group of women entered the store and somehow hockey was brought up (not that weird because we were in a Canadian store.) These women were part of the New York Riveters, which is one of four professional women's hockey teams.

Guys, this is a big deal. There have been lots of people working to get women's hockey at the professional level for a long time. It's the inaugural season, so it was on our list to check out at least one game here in town. After talking to these women for a few minutes, we had scored ourselves tix to home game the following evening.

If you live in or near Buffalo, Hartford, Boston or NYC, do yourself a favor and go check out a game or two or ten. The tickets are cheap, they serve beer at the games (also for cheap) and the games are so fun to watch.  Plus, I love going to the games, so if you plan to head to a NY game, let me know and we'll meet up!

I'm a Riveters fan because they are the hometown team. Plus, they play at the coolest venue I've seen. It has a climbing wall, a gymnastics area, a full bar and tons of parking - all in Brooklyn. Here are some photos from our first game. I can definitely say that there will be many more.

This is not a sponsored post, I just really want to help spread the word. Please share this post, like them on Facebook (links below) and if you are in the New York City area tomorrow and love shopping, go and check out an event they are having at Roots (20% off!!!) Event Details here

NY Riveters Facebook Page
NWHL Facebook Page
Buffalo Beats Facebook Page
Boston Price Facebook Page
Connecticut Whale Facebook Page

It is so cool that there are games that young girls can go see and imagine themselves playing there when they grow up. If you love hockey (or sports in general), go check out a game.

And if you didn't know that I was a bit hockey obsessed, read this. Go Riveters!


  1. I did not even know this was a thing. I am way out of the loop. I love their Riveter signs.

  2. I had no idea they had a womens professional league. That's amazing!

  3. It's so neat knowing that if I have daughters they will be raised in a world where women's pro sports are more and more common. Plus the Riveters sound pretty freaking cool with their name and their signs.

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