December 7, 2015


Watching cheesy holiday movies. Yep, I watched The Mistle-Tones and I'm not ashamed. I kind of liked it. Tori Spelling might be the worst actress ever, but cheesy singing gets me every time.

Excited that my mom has booked a trip here for Christmas. Spending holidays away from the family can be tough sometimes, but knowing that at least one of our people are coming to visit makes everything feel better.

Sucking down coffee. Enough said.

Smelling the Balsam Fir candle from BBW. I always say no to that one when Justin picks it up. I said yes this year and love it way more than I thought I would. One of my favorite things about a home office is that I can burn candles whenever I want.

Needing to finish addressing and mailing our holiday cards. I forgot to order return address labels, so I'm using whatever ones I can find. No one really notices those, right?

Loving Quincy's new haircut. I posted a picture on Instagram this morning - so just go follow me @stephgregerson and you can see it for yourself.

Eating cream cheese way too often. I think everything I love snacking on during the holiday season involves cream cheese. I'm not mad about it, but it's not helping my fitness journey.

Wanting a magical elf to come and box up these Christmas gifts and deal with the post office for us. We bought small, unbreakable gifts this year and they are all wrapped. Now we just have to figure out how to get them boxed and shipped this week.

Getting super cheesy this year with our Christmas celebrations. We are working our way through the 12 Dates of Christmas. Just deal with the cheesiness of it, because it's been an absolute blast so far. 6 dates at home, 6 dates out and about. Stay tuned for some recaps and holiday pics.

Laughing at these YouTube videos. It's like the epic rap battles of history, but even better.

Happy Monday.


  1. I love cheesy singing- no shame!!! ;) So glad your mom can come visit for Christmas- that is wonderful!

  2. I'm glad your mom is coming! That's great.

    All of the best apps have cream cheese.

  3. Cheesy Christmas movies are the best!

  4. I could live off cream cheese so I feel you girl!


  6. I LOVE the idea of 6 dates of Christmas!! It's great that your mom is coming to visit for Christmas! My mom was here for Thanksgiving and it was so fun! We just got our holiday cards in the mail yesterday and I'm definitely going to need to order more...oops!

  7. oh i watched the mistle tones last year and totally loved it. i need more cheesy movies in my life!


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