December 8, 2015

Clips of a Beautiful Autumn

Christmastime has officially arrived in New York City, but it still feels very much like September with the temperatures. This year I'm separating out the holiday season to have it's own video, so I'm sharing the clips of our autumn today. It's so fun looking back on little moments in the last few months. We had concerts, Oktoberfest, hiking, Frida Kahlo's exhibit, sporting events and some fun times back in Minnesota - including the great bloody mary bar you have ever seen.

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Now that I've shared this, I feel like I can really jump into Christmas themed things. Hope you are all getting the same beautifully warm weather.


  1. I love your videos! Such a fun/different way of remembering a time of year!

  2. Okay I am doing this for our Africa trip. I always love your season ones so much.

    Technical question: do you film holding your phone horizontal or vertical?

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