December 4, 2015

Best Friday Ever

Why is this the best Friday ever?

Because I'm home.

Well, it probably isn't actually the best one, but it feels like it this week. After a few long days in Minneapolis working on a big work project, we are back home in Jersey this morning. There isn't snow on the ground here yet. I am drinking my own coffee out of my own mugs. I have my slippers on. I lit my Positive Vibes candle and have my planner open. 

We get to pick up the dogs this morning and bring them home from their doggy hotel. They will be tired and cuddly, which is my favorite. 

I don't mind work travel. It can be extremely energizing to be with people in different offices. But, I'm always so grateful to be home at the end of it. There's nothing like your own bed and your own routine at the end of a really long few days.

This weekend will be filled with couch time, Christmas trees, a birthday party, dinner with friends, football and our first Christmas movie of the year. All while enjoying sunshine and 50 degree weather - while we have it.


  1. Welcome home!!! I love traveling for work, but it's definitely exhausting and reminds you how wonderful home is. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Being home after being away/busy really is one of the best feelings! Enjoy!

  3. A Friday morning at home after being away, that sounds amazing to me!

  4. I cannot believe how long this weather has extended. I hope we don't have to pay later.

    Welcome back! Enjoy!

  5. I'm a hermit as soon as I step outside my house. I get in the mood to travel often, but after a few days, I'm usually missing my home.


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